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Originally Posted by ID555 View Post
So number of episodes is not confirmed yet?
13 Volumes X 2 episodes, releasing 2 volumes per month aka a girl each month, 13th volume has no girl attached to it yet, which is why I just asked if any other girl has a route.

Relentless posted this on AOD.

Originally Posted by relentlessflame
muhootsaver posted this link on Twitter earlier today that shows that this series will be released on 13 BD/DVD volumes starting in October. Price is 7,140 Yen/volume for 2 episodes/disc, which is normal for 1-cour series, but a bit high for a 2-cour series.

On the one hand, I expected this because of the omnibus format, so splitting it up in this way allows fans to just collect the discs for the heroines they prefer without having to "collect them all". But two little surprises...

1. It's be released a two volumes/month, so for those people who do want to collect the entire show, you'll be bleeding more quickly.

2. There's a 13th disc that has no heroine's name attached to it. What will this extra disc contain?
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