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Originally Posted by Xenosnake View Post
It's time for you to shine Fiamma. When Touma punches girls, he adds them to his harem, when he punches men, they become a protagonist and gets a loli.

Fine Print: (May not work for everyone)
It doesn't work on Magicians, it sort of works (Stiyl and Etzali), but hardly the same effects as with the Science protagonists.

Originally Posted by ~Greed~ View Post
Also, speaking of Tsuchimikado.....I wonder if AC could create a device which suppresses AIM almost completely....

Something like that could put Tsuchimikado back to his former glory as a top tier magician.
I was thinking the same thing the other day in the car.

How about levelling up his Auto-Regen so that it neutralizes the damaging effects of magic better?

Allowing him to use blood magic where 1 hp = 3 mana
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