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Sorry if I seem like some random new guy that is just throwing in opinions in an already heated debate.

I guess I'll start off by saying that the love triangle of Macross Frontier is perfect. The fact that I felt like i was going on an emotional roller-coaster ride throughout the series due to the way the triangle played out really demonstrates how good this show was.

Being a huge Ranka fan, I was always cringing when Ranka would see Sheryl Alto together which ultimately lead to her heart being crushed. The best example of this is in episode 19 where Ranka finally gathers the mental courage to confront Alto about her feelings but then she sees Alto and Sheryl together.
In this scene I could honestly feel her despair. The way it all played out was absolutely terrific.

Although as much as I want Ranka and Alto to be the official pairing for Macross Frontier, I feel that if this was the case moments like I mentioned just before wouldn't of had the same impact.

Anyway that's my opinion on the love triangle. Hopefully it all makes sense
Feel free to challenge me on anything (Not that you guys need permission )

On another note Michael and Klan Klang are so cute together!
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