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Probably since Mikoto actually represents the entire student body of Academy City, and she is the closest Level 5 to Touma, it is not crazy to think that she must have something that can help out Touma should the need arises.

However, we should consider that Index, who can be high-tier when it comes to magic abilities under John's Pen Mode, is already sidetracked, what are the chances that she would defend herself against the likes of the new characters from NT4, let alone the power of Dainsleif?

^EDIT: Regarding high-tier Science characters, we should get more like FUZE=KAZAKIRI by the time the war shifts to Academy City.
Is it possible that we might get one of the following:
> More artificial angels like Hyouka
> Dark Matter-powered suits of armor
> Multiple FIVE_OVER powered suits
> Espers that are overloaded by AIM from the Imaginary Number District
> Artificial angel-esper hybrids
> More powerful cyborgs with immunity to electricity
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