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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Actually there's a more important point that needs to be brought up- Why are all of you talking about the normal students of Academy City? Because I cannot for the life of me find the first poster in your current discussion that claims that they should use them

How did Mikoto suddenly become all the students ?
But Mikoto is still a student look at the railgun girls. Touma would probably exchange his bad luck to be like that Though he still needs to save the others but he still needs to go to school or really. he will ended up repeating the term.

And please. they are all students and even accelerator is though he goes to special class and doesn't need to go to school

This was indeed an important matter but we are talking about the esper at first for Mikoto and if we are talking about the power of academy city then they had that crazy HS, Artificial heaven and angel and also the crazy Kihara

As of before the parents are probably having doubts in academy city but they won the war and they can protect themselves but the city is turning into a dangerous spot if Othinus who can take on Fiamma and Ollerus together and turn it into draw plans to go attack the windowless building I don't see it not turning into a battlefield from the past experience of NT with how the Gremlin do their works.

Students still made up the majority of the city with more than 80% populations. They are in trouble if a war broke up. Though I wonder how the magicians will counter artificial heaven. The reason they don't attack the city is because of it but given that Othinus plans to go their then she must have a plan.

Plus Aleister is being cornered or his artificial heaven is in danger. The clones are being hunted down and even if they have been escaped or been hidden. The primary concerns for Othinus was probably to take care of them. Though she would need to go against accelerator to get through them

Mikoto represents the academy city in a view point of a good city and can live a normal life. Plus she is the most sane person in level 5 and more normal too shortpants yap normal
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