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hahaha, "a class for idiots" that one made my day

ah damn, I forgot, for the whole thing I'd give 8/10. Reasons :
-new cute and/or badass entertaining characters
-Kamachi's creativity never cease to impress me!! His reccurent use of the myths and tales for the magic side of course, but this time it was his theory of the holistic espers that hooked me.
-I somehow felt the something that made Toaru special in the pre-NT volumes are back in this one
-I'm not the type to give more than 8.5/10+ unless it's (close to) a masterpiece

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Even the "sample" in Crowly's building is certainly going to be new character.
Did I miss something? I thought the sample was ... him

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Come on, this is a series where your normal electric/fire/water powers that would be overpowered in practically any other series would be considered mid-low tier. Superman-like abilities are even mid-tier here (looking at the Saints...). When your Suzumiya Haruhi here would be pretty much mid-tier, you got to wonder what sort of powers it would take to be top-tier...
One week ago I would have said that, "you're wrong Haruhi is a God-broke Tier here" but after reading the theory of the holistic espers, the universe buster-class suddenly look pretty "average" in the Toaru standard

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Sorry, I changed my mind, it has to be a student He just has to- yes 'he', there's too many girls already...
XD ... sorry, I'll refrain from laughing

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Oh shi-! That would be awesome. Mikoto the Thunder Knight!
Too saber-like so ... NO NO NO
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