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Originally Posted by Libros View Post
where exactly is "the usual place"?
Since it's a licensed manga, I can't post the direct link, Google "mangaholic" or "Rosario mangaupdates" and you will definitely find it.

Anyway, I would say, it was quite a good chapter. We have finally learned some new information about Tsukune's transformation, and in the next chapters I believe that we will see the steps taken, to avoid the worst option, from occurring.

And I would say that it was enjoyable to see that Tsukune has developed into such a badass...

I also wouldn't say that all the facts about Tsukune's transformation have been revealed to us, there is going to be obviously some more information that haven't been revealed to us, since I doubt that even Gyokuro knows about everything that is happening within Tsukune's body...

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