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Originally Posted by Master_Yoma View Post
Mirajane was so mean when she was young what happened to her to make her so sweat now
It will definitely get covered eventually in the series. But watching this episode really shows you the incredible change from who she was in the past to who she is now. Obviously as kids the level of fighting wasn't extreme, but still one person who wasn't intimidated by Erza at all. Just an episode that reminds you that people change and have hidden aspects to themselves.

Originally Posted by Krono View Post
It might seem like that, but it's really just a matter of Lucy stumbling onto a facet of Natsu she never even suspected. Just one of those cases where you think you have someone neatly pegged, then they go and surprise you.
Yeah not Lucy's fault since she couldn't foresee stepping on a landmine like that. But Natsu's reaction is pretty understandable. When getting to know people you are bound to have things like that happen.

Anyways a great episode. Was fun to see the cast in the past and definitely those worried about how the guild would be in the future had cause. It can get pretty crazy in that place .

Lisanna was definitely cute in the flashback. Pretty handy ability though not sure why she needed to become a rabbit to make a house . Was also pretty nice in that later flashback. Overall a nice episode though I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.
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