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Fairy Tail is usually averaging +3.5 - +4.0 ratings wise which is good, and averaging top 15 in ratings (just behind Naruto). Hard to to tell if they're using the extra money on animation or just trying to keep certain voice actors around, but they do have Yousuke Kabashima for AD on episode 21. Which is pretty good, he was AD for Saki (episode 19), and worked on some other pretty good stuff, so expecting it to be better than usuall, but still not outstanding. I'm waiting to see AD and staff for the next four ep., since I'm thinking we'll get to the end of the arc around ep. 26, so I'm hoping someone spectacular to do a certain BIG fight. If they screw that up, I'm... well... done. They might as well punch me in the face, because that's just sad. There will never be another FT anime adaption, so I just don't want them to mess up one of the most important/epic arcs in FT.
fingers-crossed here for the animation studio to step up on it.

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