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Originally Posted by ArchmageXin View Post
I used to rage about Gundam until I realized it is meant to sell toys and appeal to 12-15 years olds. To rage about those kind of things make you an idiot if you are already older.

As for harem stories....maybe it is less to blame of the Japanese LN industry as to the choice of American translators?

I mean, it is not exactly anyone's fault my mouse cursor tend to zoom into the one with the pretty girl and not the pretty boy
Well, Gundam indeed exist to sell toys. Yu-Gi-Oh is to sell cards. Many others to sell other kind of merchandises.

Harem series though, probably to sell dating sims based on the show, or raise the sale of original eroge...

It's still annoying to see Gundam nerds acting like they're more mature than the fans of other series, talking about weapons and military tech...
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