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The 300 rolls feature is a half baked measure to avoid receiving yet another flak. The government pay heed to the recent backlash (even though half of it was unreasonable) and imposed more measures.

I'd rather say that they are not "fighting" the powercreep though paying, they are actually encouraging it: I mean, if you really one that one character/weapon/summon, you theorically have to fork up to 90k yens, which is arguably not reasonable by any stretch, although I concur most companies would just leave their gacha system like that so it "looks" like a lesser evil, but not quite.
But aside of that amount, it is mainly another safety measure to make more limited characters aside of the 12 heavenly generals (we got Harezena, Dark Jeanne d'Arc, and probably Zoe after the visa campaign), so the whole "300 rolls" feature is actually a much worse roll frenzy environment than before.

If they reduced the condition to 100-200 rolls, it would have been less insane (or just make the seals not expiring). but as far as it goes right now, that features give more reasons for people to roll like crazy as there is a ending point of it, albeit extremely expensive if they are unlucky.

As for balance, I don't believe they know jackshit about game balance whatsoever. Again, Tiamat Bolt Magna, Chevalier Sword Magna are just the tip of the iceberg, while you have encounters being absurdely easy (Nataku HL, Apollo HL) or really stupidly annoying (Flam Glass HL, Medusa HL).
At least, they did a better job for Order Grande and Proto Bahamut HL, but I'm not exactly impressed by their amateurism (an interview with one of the producer revealed that they couldn't defeat Nataku HL with their test teams and just released him as he was... so heh).
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