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Anchira incident is entirely Cygame's own stupidity backfiring at them.
Their lack of transparency gets find out, and it is enough to file a case of false advertisement against them.
Really, I don't mind grey marketing strategy in Mobage, but at least do it smart. No one but to blame but yourself if getting find out.
Be damned if it is reasonable or not.

What I don't like is the gold moon.
That really opens up the P2W in GBF, as if they made this system entirely to please the whalers.
All the SSR weapons and LB items are so easy to get... as long as you whale enough. And since the moons come out on the repeats, it is truly none stoppable for the whalers who already whaled everything out once.

300 roll really is nothing compare to this.
Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
I've been playing the game for more than a year. Currently done with Fire and nearly done with light and wind.
You are almost done with light!?
How many hours did you spend a day to get that many Chevalier Sword....?
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