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Originally Posted by Duo Maxwell View Post
Also, you either roll 300 rolls to get that one character, or you roll 2000 rolls and still don't get what you want. In a sense I would prefer the former, which is why I'm saving gem until I can get Anchira.
In my opinion, they just incited more people to spend money like nuts for a given character due to that feature alone. With a sense of uncertainty in the gacha system, you would be very less likely to pull more gacha over time for a given character due to the fact you might even need 70K and yet don't see the outcome you have hoped for.
That's why I believe the 300 gacha features is a very dangerous "bait", because those who usually spend tons of money would usually go nuts anyway, while those who were uncertain will be more likely to spend enough money for the said character.

Sure, you can compensate that with crystals, but that was already the case prior the 300 pulls, and unless you have unhealthy luck with guild war bets, you should hardly have more than 100 rolls worth of crystals within 3-6 months. Meaning that you still have to compensate the rest with your own money. While we got refund from Anchira's incident, the moment you have spent your crystals for a character, a new one won't be easier to get with that system.
About the whole balancing, I believe they started hiring after the Chev sword IIRC.
Well, they just digged further and further their own grave when it comes to balance. Shit was already insane back with Tiamat gun, then we got Colossus Katana being utterly trash, and it went even further down to the gutter.

What they ought to do is to fix the huge decrepency between weapons types, particularly fists, bow and wands, being quite weak and mostly relegated to useless jobs.

Originally Posted by shmaster View Post
You are almost done with light!?
How many hours did you spend a day to get that many Chevalier Sword....?
Ah sorry, when I meant "done", I implied functional magna set (so 5-6 3* magna weapons depending of the element). In my light setup case, I've pretty much given up the idea of having a full sword arsenal any time soon, so I'm mainly running with 5 guns and 1 sword with Cosmos Gun (at least I have 30 horns if I had to switch my cosmo weapon to sword... eventually). I wish it could drop as often as Tiamat gun, but alas it is not the case, as usual with Chevalier's stingy drop rates even for non sword drops.

I'm not insane enough to follow Yashiro Seika or Mochi's path. Those 2 are completely insane, and I have no idea how many chevs pubs and damascus ingots they used to finish their 8 chev swords completely. Power of Money I guess.

Originally Posted by shmaster View Post
There were goevrnment intervention though, and it was deemed grey.
And the Cygame either has to take correction measure or face consequences. (And this is not the first time Cygame got warnings from the government either).

So no, Cygame cross over the line enough to let the government lay their fingers on them.

Fine, you can argue that the Bureau just butted in because they want attention.
But that doesn't change the fact that Cygame is stupid because the Bureau already had their eyes on them from cases before and still did stuff that would arouse the Bureau's attention.
I wouldn't say Cygames acted because of they were forced to, but rather because they don't want any more bad advertisment they already got during the compu gacha era.

As Kirayuki stated, there was never any false advertisment when it comes to Anchira.
People made a huge fuss over her pull rate, but there was absolutely no surprise there because they -never- said every biased character should have the exact same rate. As result, Anchira being harder to get than Beatrix or Eustace was a matter of course, although she was still "easier" to get than any other non biased character.

That being said, some people used this opportunity to shame them. Ultimately, I do not like the gacha system one bit, and the odds are very low in general, but in regards of the law, they were perfectly clean in this case.

Suffice to say, considering how much money mobage are generating over the recent years, it isn't surprising the government had to intervene because we are dealing with a game system that is way too close to real Gambling with no actual value of the product, since we are dealing with digital content.
In this very case, it isn't like Cygames wanted their attention whatsoever. In fact, it is sort of amusing people were riotting about Anchira and not about Anila way before. Anila probably had a very low drop rate but still had a bias, but since there wasn't any other "reference" as she was never introduced with other new chars, there wasn't "oddly" any complaint.

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