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For those who already started, let us enjoy talking about Cygame's stupidity and bad business decisions.
Well, if I were to point out complaints it has to be the loading times. I get between 1-4ish seconds loading times, and the game still loads even after the loading sometimes (assets popin and such). 1s loading isn't something I'd normally complain about but this game annoyingly loads at every click. So what happens is I can play for 4h and practically speaking only maybe play for half that if not less, with the rest being loading times.

Spoiler for rant on granblue's netcode:

Oh well. Guess I'll just have to settle with the reality that whenever I play this game, I have to pay a toll of half the "time" I spend on the game going into the void.


Another minor complaint is how obtuse if not inaccessible it is to buy their premium currency at the moment (I believe its entirely possible though various 3rd parties but not interested in doing that). I wouldn't even care if not for this (from my understanding as a new player) one time offer for the first 7 days of getting any character in the game I want (if my understanding is right). Either way its only a minor annoyance, I can live with out it, and I'm understanding that this was a early released version of the english patch.

With regard to english translation quality, the only thing that bothers me is the use of "cut damage" and the way they use the word "hit", which I believe is a bit confusing with how it's wording, but otherwise everything else is more then acceptable as far as I'm concerned.
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