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I like the way the Jin Yunoha shipment ends. Most of my pairing involves character death. Happy ever after displeases me.

Kagura and Mykage were fantastic. Kagura looked so happy with his waifu for a too brief moment, it warmed my heart.

Feel the Jelly Amata, feel it deeply and completelly. It serves you well for crushing Zessica's maiden heart.

Fudou is annoying me as always. Because I don't understand his BS. Frustrating.

So it seems that Mykage is after the wings of the sun that are in the true Aquarion at the center of Vega.

The more the story progresses the less I feel myself rooting for the MC and what he stands for. Either is something wrong with me or the writting is lacking. Or maybe is it done on purpose ?

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