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Due to the ridiculously sobering moment we're currently experiencing here, it's easy to forget some of the other light hearted moments. I'm rather hesitant about posting anything other than Jin's death...

Oh well.


1) Pairings galore! Amata/Mikono, Andy/Mix, Donar/Suomi (I freaking knew it !) and Jin/Yunoha! I couldn't stop grinning.

2) Zessica, either that's one hell of a poker face, or she has finally shrugged off her mopiness, or just damn professional. There was a golden opportunity for her make a conveniently bad decision but she still saved their asses. In fact, If there's anyone that's going to turn to the dark side and betray them, I would say it's Sazanka Did you see how she reacted upon seeing Mykage ?

3) What the fuck is up with Kagura and that 'Mikono rain dance'?! The absurdness isn't so much of the action itself, but rather that weird ass bgm playing along with it If I needed any more fuel for my 'King Kong' analogy I guess I found it. Thankfully Amata still have his daily MAN quota to reach and manages to savage the situation before it goes sideways fast.

4) Accelerator you are not, Kagura... Especially if your win quotes only consist of 2 variations.

5) I lament at the lack of Andy/Mix last week, it's amazing how just one scene remedied the entire situation. Though it makes me wonder what they were doing for the rest of the episode while everybody else was fighting More hole time I presume?

6) The best part of this episode was the tag team fight with two Aquarions and six (seven) pilots. I've always frown at the fact that only three characters would ever get a chance to fight in each episode so it's a total relief to see them finally put that second set of Vectors to use, and even display some basic form of tactics and Gerpad even did something useful! But sadly with this double odds, Andy still didn't get to Gattai , but at least Jin did before...

7) While I'm sure Zuul's gonna whine protest that the bad guys lost again, lets think about it for a moment; a good portion of Neo-Deva's base is now in ruins and they've lost a number of their fellow students and friends including one very well liked character who gave his life to save them. I just can't see this as a victory for the good guys.

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