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I'll throw in a little. I don't know if I can name 10 series or not.

Legend of the Fierce Fighting God Oni.
I have ONE fansub episode of this one. This was released on LaserDisc only if what some people have told me is accurate.
I do not know if anyone has plans to actually pick this series up and sub it, or if that one episode was all that there is. I'd like to see more of this one.

Galaxy Express 999 TV.
This one actually is being fansubbed. I'm throwing this in as a hope to either complete the series, or get it licensed.

I've heard about the Orguss stuff, and would like to see it/learn more. I have seen some Orguss in a domestic release... I am guessing that if people are calling for fansubs of it, it was never finished, or never reprinted/ renewed.

Was Starblazers ever done? I know that this series was spun off of the Yamato movies, and those were alright. I do not know if the movies have been re-released or not. If not, it might help draw some attention to them from the newer anime fans if they did get a fansub.
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