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Originally Posted by Hooves View Post
This is the glory of having a PS3 now

But yeah, I hope it doesn't hack very old accounts or else I'm in trouble since I don't have my Xbox 360 anymore.

Originally Posted by Ardi220288 View Post
I experience this myself. Best course of action is (if you got credit card on it) to call your bank immediately. They usually have some kind of protection for this kind of thing and they have the incentive to call ms to solve it immediately.

You can read this forum. Many of them got their account breached lately. There're also some other similiar thread in there, just searched for it.

Hopes it help.
Originally Posted by Mr Hat and Clogs View Post
This is the third such case of this I've read about today. Seems like someone got account details of a lot of XBL users somehow.

Unless you're like, cross posting from the Escapist forums.

I had both PS3 and 360.

@Mr Hat and Clogs. can you gives me the link? any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

@Ardi I just manage to read it and oh wow there are so many of them. why there is no news anywhere on this?

Anyway I'm going to log out now to sort this thing out.
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