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Originally Posted by Dist View Post
Yeah sure, it wasn't Sony's fault for having like, no protection over any customer related information at all. Same goes for their servers. Of course it's their fault if they leave it THAT vulnerable.
Well y'know, I wasn't disagreeing or anything here, I thought it was retarded too. I guess I shouldn't have used the direct words "it wasn't their fault", but what I meant was that the server crashing wasn't directly caused by them. Still yeah, information being thrown around and such. That's pretty scary.

Originally Posted by Mr Hat and Clogs View Post
I will say from what I remember of it (from about 4 yars ago now) and what I've heard people talking about it recently that XBL's account subscription system is utterly unintuitive and retarded. Seriously, having to call up to make account changes is completely stupid. That and it sounds like they don't charge upfront for the sub period like most other companies - or they truly are stupid and let his account continue without payment, which is their fault not his. Also being unable to remove CC information from your account in a large part of the world unless you put another CC in is crippling and I'd say it's almost hostile against customers by providing barriers for them to get out of the service.
Ugh, I can't even begin to describe how much of a pain that is. The worst part is that on the site you can cancel a card if you have a new one to replace it, but even then you'll never know if it's erased for good. You gotta phone up the company and triple check that the card isn't linked to your account, otherwise, good bye account and hello fees. Even in business, credit cards are what can instantly break a person, so they should never force you to do anything with them that you're uncomfortable with. Microsoft really needs to get their heads in the game here.
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