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So this is random.. So it fits in this thread I guess. It's somewhat related to the "Do opposites attract?" question.

Years ago, when my fiancÚ and I had just started dating, she showed me a dating website that had questionnaires and tests to determine people's compatibility with each other. There's also funny tests like "The Slut Test" and "The Lover Test" etc.. It's "Okcupid" if anyone is curious. One of the reasons she's interested is cause she did her thesis on online dating.

Anyways, the point is we took some tests and found out we're pretty different.. like 58% match or something. It was fun at the time and we forgot about it. So fast forward to years later, we're engaged and living together -- and I check an old email account and see updates from the site. I log in and just for fun retake the tests. She does as well. Our compatibility is now 28% .. So here's hoping opposites do work well together..

PS: The site also says I'm a "Gentleman" which my fiancÚ vehemently disagrees with
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