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That could be possible why he wouldn't get one.
But in volume 4, wasn't it mentioned that the reason why Doni didn't get an authority from Perseus was because he kill-steal him from Godou and that didn't please Pandora?
And I would think that it's because it was 3 on 1 with Sun Wukong(the subordinate gods don't count as far as I know) that not one of them got an authority.
The exact quote:
ďAs a side note, even though the Great Sage Equaling Heaven had been defeated, no one seemed to have usurped any authority. Was it really because the battle ended with a three-versus-one finish?Ē

Especially the last part which is a question is suspicious and reeks of foreshadowing especially because in the same chapter Guinevere appears with a suspicious medallion where a sword appears because Sun Wukong got killed.
My personal theory is that the author just hadnít the idea of the medallion in mind when he fought Perseus and the reason given is a valid one.
But starting with Volume 6 he has worked out the idea with the medallion, anti campione authorities and so on and the reason why nobody of the campiones got an authority even though it was a 3vs3 is that the authority was absorbed by the medallion.
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