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Originally Posted by Zoel View Post
So I am guessing according to these scans, Gundam Origin doesn't start until 2014.
They better hurry. Amuro's and Char's seiyuus aren't getting any younger. It'd be terrible if the studio had to replace them like they'll have to replace You Inoue (Sayla Mass' seiyuu), who died in 2002.

I have the manga tankoubons for this series, and while those were illustrated by the original character designer, I'd like to know if the anime designs are going to be updated in any way to appeal to modern sensibilities better (it isn't 1979 anymore, after all). It'd be nice if they used CGI to animate the spaceships and Mobile Suits (like they did with Zeta Gundam: A New Translation). The mangaka for G:Origin made Guntanks and Guncannons commonplace before the debut of the Zaku, so we'll see plenty of Mobile Suit fights this time around.

I'm personally interested in seeing the new updated designs for the original GM Mobile Suits in animation. They look much better and some variants are quite well-armed.
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