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Originally Posted by wao
Personally I think this is quite disrespectful to nuns. Who cares if these are special nuns, nuns are nuns - I doubt they believe in violence, even if it's against evil. These seem, to me, to be just your ordinary evil-fighting group with the "interesting" facade of nuns.
Yeah, well, the Japanese generally aren't Christians so they like to have ministers and nuns blowing things up... Plus one of the the most frequently raped archtypes in hentai movies are nuns... And the priests and the Church are always manipulative bad guys for some reason.

Anyway, seriously though, if you watch anime you shouldn't take the religious context too seriously. The Japanese use Christianity as a form of exoticism and story, not because they believe in its ideas or even care about Christians. After all, Christian, Greek, Norse, Chinese, Japanese, etc. gods are all hold at about the same light.
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