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I sure hope someone is able to keep up with subbing these. They're hard to find. They appear daily, and we're up to over 22 of them now. Chinese subs do keep showing up. Episode 13 -- which I've seen called "Black Yutori" -- is a classic. Especially good work by Yuuki Aoi.

@Rias -- I'll bet that's exactly what they're poking fun at, since Yutori-chan herself is pretty relaxed and refuses to work overtime, for example. And she is also the happiest of everyone in the office, it seems.

NOTE: I didn't know what "Yutori Education" was until I looked it up on my friend, Wikipedia. It was an education reform that among other things reduced hours in elementary school, trying to reduce pressure on students. The changes started in 1989, but the biggest changes took place in 1998, so students who had their education since then -- including Yutori-chan -- would show the effects of it.
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