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Kyousuke was a pretty good character in my opinion. Though sometimes feels like he's just a plot device (probably shallower character when adapted to anime) but it feels like he genuinely cares for his sister and takes the kirino's invective with an understanding attitude (which by the way seems to be the way in many other anime's which drives the comedic effect). He's a good brother. And all the about "i hated kirino all this time" etc... probably just points to something in the LN and not cowardly blowing off steam when kirino is not around. A relationship with kuroneko would be a nice reward for being such a good brother.

Now Yuuichi Nakamura who voiced Kyousuke was as complete baller! Absolutely on mark with every line. You can tell there was huge amounts of experience and thought put behind all his dialogues. In Ep1 when he first found the game and went up to the room, looked at the game, and gagged about mixing up cases himself "Imouto to?!" "Koi shiyou?!" "Shi-nee yo!" was pure lols. And he doesn't let up throughout the series.

Dude, how can anyone hate on kyousuke?
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