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Stumbled upon something interesting while checking out a blog linked at 2chan...

Seiji Takeda taking about his good relations with Koreans and going on about(in relation to Geass):

- Japan in the show is based on Japan right after WWII, colonized Korea and colonized Taiwan
- Wanting to tell the truth of the world to the younger viewers
- Why America is going on starting wars and killing
- Japanese responsible for the deaths of Iraqi's


I see that quite a few of Japanese are pretty unhappy about this politicization in their animation and pretty against Takeda. While it was more silly and downright ridiculous in series like GSD and Blood+, (while oddly enough, this type of thinking was kinda the opposite of E7, unitive as opposed to divisive) I dunno waht to think if he's just going to use a show as just a shoutbox for his political opinions. And not only that, but how do the creative staff feel about this?

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