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Maybe Togari if I remember correctly... I'm pretty sure the main char was supposed to be scary looking. (a bit evil too) Lot's of action and such.

If you're willing to go the shoujo route, there's Perfect Girl Evolution which is about a scary looking girl. It's a comedy like Angel Densetsu and also has a sort of theme about appearance not being everything. (though in this case the girl is a bit scary on the inside as well ) There's also some action, though it's not the main focus.

I'll also recommend Kiseijuu, which is one of my all time favorites. It's not really similar to Angel Densetsu other than them both have kinda crappy art (it doesn't bother me but they're both a bit rough ). Later in the manga he does start scaring people if he doesn't watch his expression, as he sort of loses a bit of his humanity. (The manga is about a high school boy getting infected through the arm by an alien parasite which he successfully prevents from taking over his entire body. It then follows his life adjusting to the new occupant of his body and his fighting against the parasites) Really good manga, and lots of "oh, yeah!" moments where he beats the crap out of unsuspecting baddies

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