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Originally Posted by HurricaneHige View Post
Soph and Cass has always been high tier due to: Easy to use mix up game, frame advantage, easy to execute combos.
That is true, but they are still balanced to the rest of the line up. I can have those two pitted against say, Nightmare and Siegfried the fall off isn't that much. I find Talim, Mitsurugi, and Voldo more unbalanced than those two after all.

Apprentice is fast, but all his strong attacks are too slow, his combos are hard to execute, his tracking sucks, all his fast moves are useless unless he catches you attacking, then u eat his whole CH combo, which is y so many ppl have trouble in Arcade against him: the B key doesn't have to spammed.
Which is why I said if someone mastered him, the rest of the line-up stands little chance unless someone figures out how to use Algol to his full potential (which is even harder to do than The Apprentice.)
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