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Hmm, while I thought DeSu 1 had the better story, 2 probably adapts better to an episodic format. I wonder if they're going to go with the bunny girl or the butler?
Well it certainly has more enjoyable interaction between each character so episodic format like what you said might certainly be better. Reminds me in P4 in a way :heh

Yes, that guy. Miniscule pity compared to seeing Anguished One and Yamato's anime design though!
It's not like he's actually that important though (at least for me ) Mentioning him made me remember that I still haven't done one route yet to finish the game.. but oh well

I just imagine him in the routes that he goes all hysterical like a douche when his authority was challenged, and combine that with Wakamoto acting. It'll be over the top hilarious.
I imagine him with the one who voiced... err, Frieza from DBZ. Don't ask why though

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