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You're going to stop me?” Cell asked Super R, in genuine confusion, “Who are you? What are you?!”

“Why should I just tell you that?” asked Super R in turn, “If you want to know who and what I am, you'll have to surrender first, Cell!”

Never!” exclaimed Cell, as he launched himself at Super R in fabulous frenzied flash!

But as fast as Cell's attack was, Super R was just barely able to dodge it! So he did so, much to Cell's wide-eyed open-mouth shock. Super R then brought his two hands tightly together in order to deliver a double ax-handle blow directly to Cell's back! This sent Cell crashing violently downwards, landing hard into rocky terrain below, leaving much billowing dust in his wake.

Uunnnhhh...” groaned Cell, as he slowly came to, and as he could make out Super R's silhouette through the billowing dust.

This silhouette was slowly and methodically walking towards Cell.

“Do you honestly expect me to surrender to someone I know nothing about?!” Cell angrily asked Super R.

“Then I'll tell you this much, Cell...” stated Super R, just before launching himself towards Cell.

“I stand for Truth.” shouted Super R, as he threw a punch at Cell, which Cell barely caught with an open palm, leaving Cell gritting his teeth.

Justice.” continued Super R, as he pulled back on his caught fist, in order to drag Cell into an upwards jutting knee.

“And the Canadian Way!” exclaimed Super R, as he then knocked Cell two miles straight up into the sky with an absolutely awesome uppercut.

Super R's attire matched his words, as his attire was entirely red and white. It was otherwise identical to the classic costume of a certain famous fictional superhero.

Cell caught himself mid-fall, and shook his head some to try to regain his bearings.

“And that means that nobody is getting executed today!” added Super R, shouting upwards at Cell, “Definitely including my friend Kogetsu Shirogane.”

“Wait...” said Cell, after wiping his face with his hand, “Does that mean you're not willing to 'execute' anyone? Does that mean you're not even willing to kill an enemy?”

“I'll do whatever it takes in order to stop you, Cell.” answered Super R firmly.

Cell then chuckled in great pleasure over Super R's words.

“Not the most convincing answer.” replied Cell with an evil grin and a shrug of one arm, “Dr. Gero told me that this planet's mightiest warriors actually cared about the billions of powerless ants on this planet. But I doubted Gero because the very idea seemed completely absurd to me! But then, mighty warriors feeling uneasy over killing their enemies is no less absurd. So Gero was telling me the truth, wasn't he? Well then... perhaps I should take our fight to this world's biggest ant-hill...”

“Wait, Cell, what are you talking...” replied an alarmed and confused Super R in reply.

But Cell wasn't interested in any more talk, so he took off with incredible speed at his newly chosen target. While feeling great tension and slight regret, Super R followed after him as fast as he could. But Cell had a significant head-start. With this in mind, Super R placed one finger on an earpiece he was wearing, in order to talk to a friend.

“Dr. Casey!” Super R shouted over the winds whistling buy his rapidly flying form, “Where is Cell headed to?!”

“I'll look it up! Give me a second!” shouted Dr. Casey in reply, over his earpiece.

Dr. Casey was currently standing next to where Kogetsu Shirogane lay. There Dr. Casey had been trying to attend to Kogetsu's injuries along with Alice Margatroid, Darthtabby, moef0xZer0, and Mami Tomoe. Kyouko Sakura stood on guard, while Fate Testarossa was calling a certain famous physician for help.

With Super R's alarmed voice ringing through his earpiece, Dr. Casey briefly took leave of Kogetsu in order to bring up a holographic video screen displaying a topographical map of the entire Earth. Darthtabby had previously managed to plant a microscopic homing device on Cell, during his brief attack on Cell with his Siegfried. Dr. Casey now used that homing device to very precisely track Cell's movements. Those movements would deeply distress the good Doctor.

“This is bad, very bad...” stated Dr. Casey to himself.

“Then you better tell Super R where Cell is going!” shouted Kyouko.

“Yes.” replied Dr. Casey, “But not just him. There are people in Nexus' hollow game realm that needs to know this as well.”

Two minutes later, on a river embankment in a replica Mitakihara Town...

Honoka Kousaka had almost arrived at the place Jinnai wanted to meet her at. Honoka was startled to overhear him speaking frantically into a scouter device of some sort.

“This is TSAB Admiral Katsuhiko Jinnai, Security Clearance XJ4H13679!” Jinnai shouted over the earpiece part of his scouter device, “My message must be passed on to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe immediately! You have an incoming threat the likes of which you have never seen. It must be addressed rapidly, or all of Japan is in grave peril. This is a national emergency, and Tokyo may need to be evacuated!”

“Tokyo may need to be evacuated?” Honoka repeated to herself, in great fright, “What is going on?!”

Jinnai then rapidly turned around to face Honoka, at the sound of her voice.

“Honoka, thank God.” Jinnai stated, as he turned off his scouter device and raced up to where she was now standing.

“We need to move as quickly as possible!” an agitated Jinnai shouted to her, now standing right next to her, “I need to get back out there as soon as possible. So we need to go and win two...”

Honoka sighed, before shouting “Answer my question!” at Jinnai.

“Right. Sorry.” replied Jinnai, realizing he had been overly frantic, “The problem is Cell.”

“Cell?” asked Honoka.

“Yes.” confirmed Jinnai, “Cell is heading directly for Tokyo. In fact, you deserve to know his precise destination.”

“Where's that?” asked Honoka.

Otonokizaka Academy.” answered Jinnai.

Chapter 8
The Sum of All Fears

Satomi Kou was casually leaning over a bridge's railing, looking out over a rushing river reflecting radiance from the overhead sun. He was watching beauteous butterflies bounce around in the air. Satomi's expression was oddly soft and serene as Tatsuya Dark slowly walked up towards him.

“Butterflies are beautiful, aren't they?” asked Satomi, like an enchanted philosopher.

“Yes.” answered Tatsuya, “But their beauty obscures disgusting hidden weakness. Butterflies are weak and delicate, and have a lifespan of a mere year.”

“Similar to how you feel about modern Japan, isn't it?” asked Satomi with a grin, as he shifted one eye towards Tatsuya.

“That is the main reason why I've agreed to ally with you.” answered Tatsuya, “To that end, I just received an important report from Dr. Gero. Things are progressing even faster than we had planned.”

Sigh.” replied Satomi playfully, as he turned about, to now lean his back against the bridge's railing, “What is the common saying? 'No rest for the wicked', I believe it is.”

“I view my actions and plans as the very opposite of wickedness.” stated Tatsuya firmly.

“That is where you and I are different.” replied Satomi, “But no matter! We both share the same goals, even if for different reasons. So let's get this party started!”

“Open.” stated Tatsuya with mild excitement, preparing for his match with Satomi.

Open.” replied an even more excited Satomi.

While Tatsuya's goals and motivations now read like an open book to Satomi, they were increasingly bizarre and obscure to Honoka Kousaka.

“Why?” Honoka asked, in confused dread, “Why is Cell attacking Otonokizaka Academy? Isn't Cell working with Tatsuya? I don't agree with Tatsuya's ideals, but I thought he sincerely wanted a strong Japan, at least!”

“So did I.” replied Jinnai, “Which is why I thought Tatsuya would keep Cell on a tight leash. Cell being unleashed like this is a dark horror I considered very unlikely. But for whatever reason, it has happened! So I need to get back out there, Honoka. I need to get out there as soon as possible in order to save our country from Cell!”

“Then we should intentionally lose to Kotohono and Kotori.” stated Honoka.

Lose?!” exclaimed Jinnai, with eyes bugging out and arms flapping in shock.

“An intentional loss will be much faster than two hard-fought wins!” exclaimed Honoka.

“If people put their minds to it, they can do anything!” shouted Jinnai, quoting Honoka, “A dream I still believe! Do you still believe in that dream?”

“Yes I do.” answered Honoka, “But I was talking about people, not just you! And not just me. You put everything on yourself. You try to plan out everything yourself, without considering other people's ideas. It worries me. It reminds me of Eli just before she joined μ's. It reminds me of me before I had a nasty collapse. I was so focused on myself and my goals, and I was shutting out my friends Kotori and Umi. And you shouldn't shut out your friends either, Mr. J! You should learn to trust your friends more.”

“There is precisely one person that I truly consider a friend.” replied Jinnai, gazing away from Honoka, as he felt increasingly exhausted, “The same person I asked to be my partner in this most important mission.”

“...Diva and Groucho and Nanoha and Fate would be sad to hear you say that.” stated Honoka, blushing slightly over Jinnai's words, “But if you really feel that way, then you can start by trusting me. Trust my ideas here. Change your wish to something that Kotohono and Kotori could agree to. Make it a wish that does everything you want it to without having to risk Homura's life! I know you're smart enough to come up with a wish like that. Kotohono hasn't settled on a wish yet, so if you present a good wish idea to her, I'm sure she'll make it her own! Then lose to Kotohono, so we can enter back into the real world, and stop Cell.”

Jinnai felt slightly annoyed over Honoka's ideas, but after thinking on them for a couple moments, he had to admit to himself that they might just be the best possible course of action right now.

“Not bad, Honoka.” stated Jinnai, shrugging one shoulder, “...Very well. I'll try things your way. I'm getting a clearer idea of why μ's overcame so much to become a great success. So now let's get to saving the school that μ's attended!”

“Right!” exclaimed Honoka, with a smile and a look of relief.

But would that relief last for long given Cell's arrival in the skies directly above Otonokizaka Academy?

Thankfully, today was Sunday, and it was raining heavily in Tokyo, so there weren't many people at Otonokizaka Academy. Still, there were a few girls there, as part of various school clubs, hoping to make their school shine. Alas, Cell was hoping to make their school shine in a very different way.

“There it is!” Cell said to himself, “Dr. Gero told me that many of Earth's mightiest warriors and magic-wielding girls strangely care about this particular place of learning. Even people who never attended it, like Sayaka Miki and Tuxedo R! Let's see how much they like it after it's been obliterated by me. Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Cell then pulled back on one arm, before thrusting it diagonally downwards with one finger pointing outwards. A loud humming sound of energy charge-up could be heard coursing through Cell's body, with the energy all gathering at the pointing finger. And from that pointing finger, Cell released an immense blast of yellowish energy!

Super R caught up to Cell just in time to see Cell discharging this blast. So Super R was not confident he could safely knock Cell aside with a direct mid-air charge, given that Cell was already unleashing a blast of energy. So in a split-second, Super R made the self-sacrificing decision to throw himself directly in front of Cell's blast!

Aaaarrrghhh!!” cried Super R, taking the full brunt of the blast onto his chest, ensuring that nobody else would be harmed by it.

However, this blast was powerful enough to send Super R crashing downwards, smashing through a statue on the grounds of Otonkizaka Academy. This statue is of a shouting man posing dramatically with two fists, but now that statue had been cracked in half, while Super R had also left a small smoldering crater in the wake of his crash. This certainly caught the attention of the hopeful school idols of Otonokizaka Academy.

“Mika, did you see that?!” asked her auburn-haired friend Yuki.

“It would be hard to miss that!” answered the blue-haired Mika in turn, “But I certainly don't know what it all means.”

“And what about that flying greenish guy up in the air?!” asked Yuki, pointing upwards at Cell.

Super R groaned while struggling to shrug off the effects of Cell's blast.

“Amazing!” shouted an evilly grinning Cell to himself, “This Earth warrior actually put his own body into harm's way just to protect this building and the ants who attend it. All I have to do is attack some of these powerless bystanders, and my enemies will essentially kill themselves for me!”

Cell was then surprised to see two large dark shiny objects flying towards him, shooting missiles at him. To the credit of the pilots, these missiles successfully hit their target, leaving Cell engulfed in smoke and flame!

“That's the JASDF!” shouted Mika, at the sight of them engaging Cell.

Unfortunately for the JASDF, their missiles didn't even leave a scratch on Cell.

“It looks like I have a couple flies to swat away before I crush the ants below!” stated Cell in eager sadistic smile.

No!” exclaimed Super R, now recovered, and rocketing upwards directly at Cell.

While flying faster than a speeding bullet, Super R delivered an uppercut more powerful than a locomotive directly to Cell's face, sending Cell higher into the air than even the tallest building on Earth! Super R then took a second to catch his breath and watch the grunting Cell be sent far far away.

The two JASDF pilots asked each other if they should consider Super R a hostile or not. Thankfully for Super R, they agreed to take a wait and see approach until ordered otherwise. Super R then received an incoming message on his earpiece, from Dr. Casey.

“Were you able to reach Cell in time?” Dr. Casey asked Super R.

“Yes, but just barely.” answered Super R, feeling very anxious and guilty, “I never should have said what I did to Cell. He saw right through what I said, and now Japan is in grave danger because of it!”

“There's no point crying over spilled milk.” replied Dr. Casey, “I know that from experience. All you can do now is do your best to limit the damage Cell causes.”

“What will become of the people of Japan?” asked Super R.

“...You can save them.” answered Dr. Casey, after a tense pause, deciding that Super R could use some very encouraging words right now, “You can save all of them. As for me? I've located where Dr. Gero took Homura. I'm going to save her with Darthtabby's help. So all you have to do is keep Cell busy until Homura can help. Ganbatte!”

“Good luck to you as well.” replied Super R, before flying after Cell.

“Did I hear right?” moef0xZer0 asked Dr. Casey, “Are you and onii-chan heading after Homura?”

“Yes.” confirmed Dr. Casey, “Darth is of very limited help against Cell, but I believe he might be very helpful in trying to rescue Homura from where Dr. Gero is holding her.”

“I'm happy to help anyway I can, Doc!” exclaimed Darthtabby.

“What should the rest of us do?” asked m0ef0xZer0, “We want to help to!”

“Someone special will be arriving shortly to fully heal Kogetsu.” began Dr. Casey in answer, “Fate has agreed to look after Kogetsu until this physician arrives. So that leaves you, Kyouko, and Mami. My suggestion is for the three of you to head into Tokyo. Maybe you can't help much against Cell, but there may be scared and hurt people in need of assistance.”

“And also damage that I can use my magic to fix!” exclaimed m0ef0xZer0, “But how do we get to Tokyo if you're heading off in onii-chan's Siegfried?”

“Do you remember the Homucopter?” asked Mami with a grin.

“Yeah, we're going to be ridin' in style!” exclaimed a grinning Kyouko pumping a fist, “We're going to be like Hollywood movie action heroes!”

“Let's hope you're like them in more ways than one!” joked Darthtabby, “You and Super R.”

“And our friends still inside of the hollow game realm.” added Mami Tomoe.

Speaking of which, Haak was about to be truly shocked and amused by who would challenge him next.

“How dare you laugh at the sound of my name?!” exclaimed Kylo Ren, wearing his all-black attire, though missing his helmet, “Do you know who I am, and who I represent?!”

“...You have to be fucking kidding me.” said Haak.

“Haak, is that your name since you hack the universe somehow?!” asked an amazed Saten, “I have some friends that would be very impressed by that!”

“Kylo Ren's timing is craycray.” said Hooves, “But after Freyja, it's not too shocking for an alien to show up in here.”

“It's also not shocking because of the well-groomed laughing Admiral!” exclaimed Freyja, referring to Jinnai, “He's been on many alien worlds, so maybe he had flame-haired elf goddess bring in lots and lotsa different peoples! I wonder if any of them would like some Windermere apples?”

“Just don't eat them while drinking a glass of water.” joked Haak.

Excuse me...” interjected Kylo Ren in the prissiest sound of voice you've ever heard, “I'm addressing you louts, and I expect to be replied to. If you dot not reply, I will have the First Order destroy you all.”

“First Order, huh?” replied Haak, getting geared up for a fight, “Here's my First Order for you, Ren. Get your candy ass back to a galaxy far, far away.”

“You and I should be the ones to send him there, Haak!” shouted smiling Saten.

“My ass is not made of candy...” stated Ren, horrified at this accusation, “But your ass will be redder than candy after I'm done whipping it!”

“We'll see about that, you prissy patricidin' punk!” shouted Haak, “Now Hooves, you might want to head off if you want to find another opponent to face soon.”

“Good idea, Haak.” replied Hooves, “Freyja and I will head off before you start your match with Kylo Ren.”

“Good luck, sharp-tongued star-head man!” exclaimed Freyja cheerfully to Haak, just as her and Hooves headed off.

So Haak was about to face Kylo Ren! Meanwhile, Haven-playing Akuma Kousaka was about to face Rune-playing FlavoryFantasy.

“Now, let me explain Umi's special passive LRIG ability.” stated FlavoryFantasy proudly, “It is one I'm sure Honoka and Kotori would agree with. It's prudence! With prudence, I get to choose the first three cards I'll be playing with.”

“That's incredibly useful for a card game, isn't it?” Fuuka Reventon asked Akuma.

“Yes, it is.” answered Akuma Kousaka, “Especially for this card game, where if you start with too many high-cost cards early on, it can mean sure defeat.”

FlavoryFantasy went first, and she selected her opening hand to be 1 Angelic Snipe, 1 Timeworn Mage Levi, and 1 Kaleidoscopic Glow. Flavory then had the good fortune to draw a second Kaleidoscopic Glow.

“Alright, here I go!” chirped FlavoryFantasy, “I start by playing Angelic Snipe!”

FlavoryFantasy used the Angelic Snipe spell to deal 1 damage to Akuma Kousaka. Then Flavory ended her turn.

On Akuma Kousaka's first turn, he played Sacred Vow. Sacred Vow is a countdown amulet that lets you draw three cards once it's completed. Akuma Kousaka then ended his opening turn.

But then, on her second turn, FlavoryFantasy used Kaleidoscopic Grow to return Sacred Vow back into Akuma Kousaka's hand! Flavory then had Umi attack Akuma Kousaka directly for 1 damage, increasing her early health lead to 20 for her and 18 for Akuma.

On Akuma Kousaka's second turn, he played Beastcall Aria, a countdown amulet that eventually provides two followers, a strong 4/4 white tiger and a 2/1 bird with storm. Akuma Kousaka then had his LRIG Fuuka attack Flavory directly for 1 damage.

Unfortunately for Akuma, Beastcall Aria would also be sent back into his hand! This was done on Flavory's third turn, when she played another Kaleidoscopic Glow and used it on Beastcall Aria. Flavory then used her remaining pp point to grow Umi to 2/2. This caused Umi to change from her blue girly Start!Dash outfit into her red and white Bokura no Live Kimi to no Live outfit, an outfit that looks like one for a marching band. Umi then attacked Akuma Kousaka directly for 2 more damage, increasing Flavory's early health lead to 19 for her and 16 for Akuma. Kaleidoscopic Glow has a secondary effect of granting the user a free card draw, so Flavory's hand was increasingly full of useful cards.

“Are we... are we actually winning right now?” asked Umi, almost in disbelief.

“Yes, we amazingly are!” replied Flavory excitedly.

“Don't count out Akuma Kousaka and I just yet!” exclaimed Fuuka proudly, “We're both fighters who hold on to the bitter end!”

To her credit, Fuuka is right. However, FlavoryFantasy's fantastic fast start would ultimately prove insurmountable. A lot of this was due to the makeup of FlavoryFantasy's deck, as well as her play-style.

“This sucks...” said Akuma Kousaka at the start of Flavory's eighth turn, “My Coin Effect is cool, but it's useless against you!”

“Why's that?” asked Flavory.

“It's called Infiltration.” stated Fuuka, answering for Akuma, “It allows all allied followers to ignore ward.”

“And my deck has no ward followers at all in it!” exclaimed Flavory in turn.

“Wow, I thought only I could have such bad luck at card games!” shouted Umi.

“Your bad luck ends today, Umi!” exclaimed Flavory in triumphant glee.

Akuma Kousaka currently had two low-cost ward followers on the field. They had managed to minimize health loss during turns four through seven, but not entirely. Akuma Kousaka now stood at 8 health, while Flavory was at 11 health. Flavory was now about to use the Coin Effect that would win her the game!

“Coin Bet!” shouted FlavoryFantasy.

Start!Dash.” said a serenely smiling Umi, loving how the performance that began her school idol career would also be key in helping her win a card game.

“This puts three Piercing Rune cards into my hand.” stated FlavoryFantasy, “A very fitting coin effect for the archer Umi!”

Piercing Rune is a spell card that deals two damage to an enemy follower, and then deals an additional two damage to the enemy leader.

“I'll use two of my Piercing Runes on Akuma's two ward followers, destroying them.” said Flavory Fantasy, “And that will clear the way for a fully grown Umi to deliver the remaining needed damage.”

“I...I'm going to win a card game.” said a wide-eyed widely smiled Umi in sheer euphoria, “I'm actually going to finally win a card game!”

In spite of his coming defeat, Akuma Kousaka couldn't help but to feel happy for Umi.

“I'm glad for you, Umi.” he said to here with a smile, “My master was sad and lonely before she met you. I understand why she loves Madoka, but I think she was too focused on Madoka alone. So I'm glad she also has a good friend in you.”

“I feel the same way.” replied Umi, “And don't worry. Flavory and I will carry your dreams forward, Akuma Kousaka! Either Flavory or Bandit Keith will make a wish to help Homura.”

“Now let's win this thing, Umi!” exclaimed Flavory, pumping a fist victoriously.

Flavory then used two of her Piercing Runes, just as she said she would. Then came the final attack of the fully grown Umi Sonoda. In this form, she wore a lusciously luminous light white outfit, including short skirt with golden trim and pretty pink petticoats. She also had on a gold and white hat, and golden trimmed thigh-highs. All of the above were fittingly encrusted with glistening runes! But as bright as this attire was, even it paled in comparison to Umi's bright smile as she delivered the finishing blow to the slightly smiling Akuma Kousaka.

Then the match world began to crumble away, sending Akuma Kousaka back into the real world, and leaving FlavoryFantasy with three coins.

“We won!” shouted Umi joyously, leaping into the air.

“I think even Honoka would be bowled over by how excited you are now, Umi!” exclaimed Flavory in turn, “But we can't afford to spend much time celebrating. We have to find Bandit Keith right away!”

“I'm afraid that Bandit Keith will soon be preoccupied with my ally Maximillion Pegasus.” came a womanly voice that was very vaguely familiar to Umi, “Your next opponent will be me.”

FlavoryFantasy and Umi Sonoda then turned around to face the person speaking to them. They saw a tall busty blonde woman wearing a flashy purple armored suit.

“Who are you?” FlavoryFantasy asked this woman.

“I am Carol Malus Dark.” she replied with a confident grin, “And I will defeat you!”

As startled as Flavory was by the identity of her next opponent, Chika Takami was even more startled by the identity of the LRIG currently opposing her.

“Riko...” Chika said in disbelief, at the revealing of Kousei Arima's LRIG.

“Hi Chika.” Riko said very warmly to her, while smiling sweetly, “I know this probably comes as a surprise to you, but I believe it's for the best.”

Dragon-playing Windy was facing Sword-playing Kousei Arima, with the glasses-wearing Arima also wearing a blue three-piece suit.

“Yes, it is for the best.” stated Arima, “Because there is a dream I must secure today. But before we get to that, I want to thank you, Takami Chika.”

“You want to thank me?” asked Chika.

“Yes.” confirmed Arima with a mild smile, “Most importantly, you helped Riko overcome the mental blocks that were preventing her from playing the piano in front of an audience. In fact, I can't help but wish that I had met you before, so you could have helped me the same way with a single diving session.”

Chika and Riko both chuckled shyly over Arima making this playful observation, as he raised one eyebrow and grinned.

“But beyond that...” continued Arima, “You encouraged Riko to temporarily break from Aqours in order to take part in a piano competition. You value her as a pianist, even now, with her also being a school idol. As someone who believes strongly in Riko's talents and abilities, I thank you dearly for that.”

“You're welcome.” replied Chika, a little uneasily, “Do you love piano playing?”

“Chika...” interjected Windy, “Do you know just who Kousei Arima is?”

“Kousei Arima is a musical genius, a prodigy.” stated Riko with a light touch of passion, “He was the youngest pianist to win the Saki competition. Along with Kyousuke Kamijo, Reina Kousaka, and Chihaya Kisaragi, he is considered one of the brightest musical lights in all of Japan! It has been my privilege to receive instruction from him.”

“But I fear that instruction will be wasted if Riko continues to split her focus between piano playing and being a school idol.” added Kousei, “Being a top performer in either field is a great challenge. I am extremely skeptical that someone can be a top performer in both fields at the same time.”

“I... I see.” replied Chika, as both her and Riko frowned slightly over Arima's words, unable to think of any good replies to it.

“But maybe you can change my mind.” continued Kousei Arima, while addressing Chika, “Maybe you can prove to be a great enough leader that you can help ensure Riko's success as both a pianist and a school idol. If you are that great of a leader, then you and Windy should be able to defeat Riko and I now!”

“Game on!” exclaimed Windy, now thoroughly pumped up.

Katsuhiko Jinnai was also feeling excited right now, and slightly amused.

“Using Sunny Day Song to make your opponent much stronger, enabling her to win” stated Kotohono with a teasing grin, “This must be awkward for you, Jinnai.”

“It is.” confirmed Jinnai with a wry smile, “But it's for the best. Besides, it's on your fourth turn, so Honoka and I get to keep our record! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Be careful out there, Honoka.” said Kotori with a smile, but a concerned face.

“I will.” replied Honoka softly, “Now you and Kotohono make sure you follow through on Mr. J's wish, Ok?”

“We will.” stated Kotohono, “It's a good wish that I can and will support!”

“I think Sayaka in particular will love it!” shouted Kotori with a big smile.

“Now then, Katsuhiko...” said Kotori with a big teasing smile towards him.

“Bring it on!” exclaimed Katsuhiko with a goading gesture, pretending to be a villain again, leaving Honoka and Kotohono chuckling.

An almost fully grown 13/13 Kotori, in her Yume no Tobira outfit, would deliver the finishing blow to Katsuhiko Jinnai, bringing Kotohono up to four coins! As planned, this also eliminated Jinnai and Honoka from the game, sending them back into the real world.

There they emerged in a white flash, on the grounds of Otonokizaka Academy, near an alpaca family in its stable. Jinnai and Honoka quickly looked about, wanting to determine how much damage Cell had already done to Honoka's high school. Honoka breathed a deep sigh of relief over not noticing much damage at all.

“It looks like somebody must have stopped Cell from causing much damage.” said Honoka.

“Yes.” replied Jinnai, “But we can't rest easy yet. Well, I can't. At this point, Honoka, you should probably get back to your family.”

“Yeah.” agreed Honoka in a slightly sad tone of voice, “But before I go, there's something I want to ask you.”

“What is it?” asked Jinnai.

“Diva, Groucho, Nanoha, and Fate...” began Honoka in question, “Why don't you consider them your friends?”

“Don't get me wrong, I like them!” began Jinnai in answer, “They're very good and loyal allies or subordinates. They respect me, and I respect them, and we get along well. But then, we have to, don't we? It's all very formal and business-like, Honoka. Is it me that they like, or just my position that they feel obligated to follow? Now, with you... You're not in the Bugrom Empire. You're not in TSAB. You're not even part of Tuxedo R's colorful crew of heroes! So you have no obligation whatsoever to help me. Yet, you're always there for me, whenever I pay a visit, and even for a big important mission like this one. That's the sign of a true friendship!”

“...I'm sorry I have to leave now.” stated Honoka “But I'm worried about Kasumi! So...”

“Of course.” replied Jinnai, “She's your daughter. She comes first. I'll be fine. I...”

“I'm afraid that your precious pop Princess is going nowhere, Jinnai!” exclaimed a voice from above, a voice now terribly familiar to Jinnai.

Satomi...” Jinnai said in stunned disbelief.

Then something even more stunning was heard and seen.

The sight of an unconscious Super R, his suit badly singed, crashing violently to the ground below, right next to where Jinnai and Honoka now stood.

“Is... is that a person that just crashed?!” asked a deeply concerned Honoka.

“You should be worried about yourself right now.” said Tatsuya Dark to Honoka.

Jinnai and Honoka then quickly turned about to see the trio of Satomi Kou, Tatsuya Dark, and Cell flying slowly downwards towards them. Satomi had himself and his two allies encased in purplish transparent energy shields, which he also used to lower them to the ground, along with himself. All three now stood exactly twenty feet away from Jinnai, Honoka, and the fallen form of Super R.

“Satomi and Tatsuya... how, why?!” exclaimed Jinnai in question.

“I'm here because I won.” answered Satomi, “Tatsuya is here because he lost to me.”

“As for Super R, I weakened him with a blast of red sun radiation.” stated Tatsuya Dark, “Kryptonians may be fictional, but if you change your very biology to reflect them, then you get their strengths and their weaknesses. Weaknesses that are easy to exploit.”

“With Super R weakened by Tatsuya, it was child's play for Cell and I to blast him out of the sky.” stated Satomi smugly.

“Cell and you blasted him out of the sky?” asked Honoka

“Yeah, since when can you blast things, Satomi?!” asked Jinnai.

“Since this!” exclaimed Satomi, as he gestured one open hand towards his glowing purple soul gem tie, “By defeating you and Tatsuya, I gained five coins. With that, I received a wish! I wished for an exact replica of your limitless power soul gem, Jinnai. An exact replica except that yours is green while mine is purple. Similarly, my hair and suit are now the complete inversion of yours.”

Satomi spoke the truth. His hair and eyebrows were purple, and his suit was green, the complete opposite of what was true for Jinnai.

“My greatest wish will be fully achieved in mere moments” continued Satomi with a shout, “I am now your exact match when it comes to pure raw power, Jinnai. But you have been softened by the silly saccharine sayings of air-headed singers! So I will now surpass you, Jinnai. I will be your shadow no longer!”

“So that leaves Jinnai's female companion to face Tatsuya and I.” said Cell with an evil grin, “I sadly doubt she's up to the challenge.”

“Who's the winning side now, Kousaka Honoka?” asked Tatsuya with a smug grin.

“Mwa-ha-ha-hahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAahahahahAHA-HA-HA~!!!” laughed Satomi Kou.

To Be Continued.


Spoiler for Fully Grown LRIG Umi Sonoda!:

Longer YouTube music links in this chapter. In some cases, a song will be used for multiple scenes. I hope every reader enjoys Chapter 8, as I think it will contain some serious surprises!

Big thanks to Akuma Kousaka, Haak, Kotohono, Dr. Casey, and Darthtabby for their thoughtful and very cute and truly helpful reviews. Yes, Haak, you're going to face Kylo Ren! But note to all readers - This might be the last time I can go with a reader request like this. Plot is very tight for the final two chapters.

Thanks to Kogetsu Shirogane, Kotohono, FlavoryFantasy, and Akuma Kousaka for their behind-the-scenes help in all the added bells and whistles of Chapter 8.

Anime shows featured in this chapter:

DBZ (Perfect Cell, references to Dr. Gero)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Kyouko, Mami, references to Homura and Sayaka and Madoka)
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (Fate Testarossa, references to Nanoha and TSAB)
Love Live! School Idol Project (Honoka, Umi, Kotori, reference to Eli, alpacas)
El Hazard: The Magnificent World (fanfic version of Jinnai, various references)
Lostorage Incited WIXOSS (fanfic version of Satomi Kou)
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Tatsuya Dark, OC villainous clone)
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (Ruiko Saten)
Macross Δ (Freyja Wion, reference to Windermere)
ViVid Strike! (Fuuka Reventon)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged (references to Bandit Keith and Maximillion Pegasus)
Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX (Carlos Malus Dark, clone of original Carol)
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Chika Takami, Riko Sakurauchi)
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Kousei Arima)

Alice Margatroid belongs to the famous Touhou games. Kylo Ren is from Star Wars. Any remaining references will be explained upon request.
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