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- "This silhouette was slowly and methodically walking towards Cell." Good line, cool and smoothly picks up from the previous one. It's good to see that Super R is dominating the fight here at the beginning, since that's exactly as things should be - fusions are absurdly powerful in Dragon Ball, with even a fusion between two causing an exponential upon exponential growth in power.

- Nooo, a scene change before I can explain what the problem is. I wonder what it is that's so bad? I think this is the first time I've kept myself in suspense before...

- I laughed at Honoka's "Answer my question!" Justified bit of irascibility there.

- I've never heard "Someday of my Life" before (I don't know if I've listened to any Muse songs that weren't actually featured in the anime). Great song, definitely gives the scene an exciting mood.

- This was a nice scene between Jinnai and Honoka. It's good that Jinnai's openminded enough for once to listen to Honoka here, since she presents an argument that's just as logical as his own even if her solution is emotionally much softer.

- "Dr. Gero told me that many of Earth's mightiest warriors and magic-wielding girls strangely care about this particular place of learning." I'm kind of with you there, Cell, I don't know why people love school so much either.

- "All I have to do is attack some of these powerless bystanders, and my enemies will essentially kill themselves for me!" That's actually a pretty interesting perspective. Not bad, Cell.

- Moefox saying "onii-chan" never fails to be adorable.

- "First Order, huh?" replied Haak, getting geared up for a fight, "Here's my First Order for you, Ren. Get your candy ass back to a galaxy far, far away." Oh, God. I have bad news, guys - Saten isn't going to appear in Railgun season 3. With moments as awesome as this, it's pretty clear that she's going to move away from Academy City to go marry Haak.

- "I...I'm going to win a card game. I'm actually going to finally win a card game!" Aww...

- The joke about Kousei wishing that Chika could have helped him with his piano issues the same way that she did with Riko was cute. I like a lot the idea of Kamijo, Reina, Chisaki, and Kousei being considered an unofficial group of sorts as the four best musicians in Japan.

- The brief interlude with Team Jinnai and Team Kona was nice, I like the vibe between all of them here.

- Honoka asking Jinnai why he didn't consider those four to be his friends was nice; it's cute that she would hold onto and be saddened by that. Jinnai and Honoka definitely have a very interesting and well-written relationship. There's a lot of differences between them (Honoka being more empathetic and group-oriented, Jinnai more distant and independent), but there's enough common ground between them that they can usually meet in the middle and operate smoothly.

- And so what's presumably the final battle is being set up (assuming this story has 10 chapters like the previous two did). Cell, Jinnai, and Satomi. This is going to get good.
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