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Rain continued to pour out of the darkened Tokyo skies. But would a different deepening darkness overwhelm Honoka Kousaka's heart, as she and Katsuhiko Jinnai faced the truly terrible trio of Perfect Cell, Satomi Kou, and Tatsuya Dark?

“Before we begin this likely very short fight...” began Cell with smug grin, and neatly folded arms, “There's something I want to ask the girl. From what I've heard, you're like a good luck charm, but otherwise just another pathetically weak human. So how are you still standing there? Aren't you terrified? How are you not running away?”

“Of course I'm scared.” answered Honoka, “But there are people I believe in. And people I won't abandon in their darkest hour. People like my friend Mr. J.”

That was enough for Mr. J to find the nerve to truly put it all on the line.

Heed my words, gentlemen!” exclaimed Jinnai, as he took two steps forward and dramatically threw one arm in front of Honoka, “If either of you attack Honoka, then I will give all three of you the fight of your lives, and I will be taking one of you down with me.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” chuckled Cell in response, “What amusing gallantry!”

“No, it's not amusing, it's disgusting.” stated Tatsuya Dark with considerable loathing, as he lifted up a gun loaded with silver bullets, “It's disgusting how much she's corrupted him. For that wrong, and many others, it is time for you to die, Kousaka Honoka!”

Jinnai steeled himself to make good on his threat, and Honoka quickly raced behind him. But this would prove unnecessary, as Tatsuya's three shots would all be deflected away by the startling arrival of Apostle! A dramatically leaping Apostle achieved this deflection by bringing most of his tiny comets together just in front of Jinnai, causing three silver bullets to loudly ping off of them!

“...Is he with you?” a startled Jinnai asked Honoka.

“I thought he was with you.” answered Honoka.

“I am with no one!” exclaimed Apostle, “I am Apostle. I am a servant of pure Order, which Tatsuya and his allies now threaten!”

Apostle then raced wildly at Tatsuya, and the two quickly entered into incredibly intense combat. The two combatants then had a wild exchange of punches and parries, of kicks and blocks, of slashes and dodges. Their combat was impressive enough to temporarily distract everyone else gathered.

“I wonder if I should help Tatsuya.” said Cell, “This new opponent seems fun!”

“No.” stated Satomi, “Honoka is a troublesome X factor. She must be eliminated! So take care of her while I deal with Jinnai.”

“This isn't your private war.” came a voice very familiar to Honoka, but in this case addressing Satomi, “Instead, it's time for a Shocking Party!”

The next thing Cell knew, he found himself struck by a thick thunderous blue beam, also crackling with yellowish electricity! Cell grunted loudly from this attack, which managed to push him back, and force him to dig in his feet in desperate attempt to hold his position.

“A-RISE!” exclaimed Honoka with big bright smile at the sight of Tsubasa and Erena, in their black Shocking Party outfits, both holding the large heavy gun they had just discharged at Cell.

“That's one of the most high-tech pieces of weaponry in existence!” shouted Jinnai, as he looked at the gun being used by A-RISE, “It's a high-tech anti-gravity gun. Even Midchilda has only eight of them on the entire planet! How the hell do you have one?!”

“You're not the only one with powerful connections, Jinnai Katsuhiko.” answered Tsubasa Kira with a grin.

“And this is no longer your fight alone!” exclaimed Erena Toudou with proud smile.

“But it's good to see you looking dashing as ever.” stated Anju Yuuki with a playful smile towards Jinnai, while she played with her hair with one finger.

“W-why... thank you!” replied Jinnai, stuttering at first but then with confidence.

“Enough of this farce.” sneered Satomi, “I will not be stopped by some silly singers!”

With outstretched arm and open palm, Satomi then fired a perceptibly powerful purplish energy blast directly at A-RISE! Thankfully for them, this blast would be destroyed by a well-coordinated greenish energy blast from Jinnai. Tsubasa and Erena gritted their teeth, and closed their eyes, at the earth-shaking sounds and almost blinding light caused by these two blasts canceling out. A-RISE also managed to hold on to their gun!

Start!Dash!” shouted Jinnai, as he used his limitless power soul gem to conjure up truly mighty winds that would send a loudly grunting Satomi flying fifty feet backwards.

“Great work, A-RISE and Mr. J!” exclaimed Honoka with joyous jubilant jump, stupendous striking smile, and a fist pump into the air.

“I'm glad you approve.” replied a stoic Jinnai, “But this merely buys us a little time.”

“And your time is almost up!” exclaimed Cell, as he was starting to overcome the immense anti-gravity energy stream being sent his way by A-RISE's gun.

Cell was slowly but methodically walking towards the gun, as it began rattling in the increasingly nervous hands of Tsubasa and Erena.

“We shouldn't let A-RISE and Apostle's help go to waste!” shouted Honoka to Jinnai, “There must be some way that we can...”

“...Sunlight...” groaned Super R, shaking as he slowly came to and struggled to rise himself, “I need... yellow... sunlight.”

Honoka's eyes then lit up at the realization of something she could do here. Honoka then placed two cupped hands over her mouth, and breathed in heavily, in order to...

“Rain, GO AWAY…” came a crystal clear cry from Honoka, “AWAY! Away…”

Then, sure enough, the rain rapidly began to stop! Storm clouds slowly dispersed. The sun began to shine brightly overhead. Honoka made a big wide smile, as her face radiated with pure bliss, over her miraculous weather control. Standing next to her was a greatly amused Jinnai, stretching both arms up and wide, as he laughed loudly.


“Thanks, Honoka!” exclaimed Super R with a grin, as he quickly rose to his feet, “Now, A-RISE, you can turn off that gun. I'll take care of Cell from here!”

“Right!” said Tsubasa cheerfully, as Super R sprinted towards Cell, and then sent both he and Cell torpedoing high into the air with a flying charge!

“Tatsuya and Apostle are nowhere to be seen...” said Jinnai to himself, “Their fight must have spilled outside this school's grounds. And Super R is back up, fighting Cell!”

“We're not going to lose!” exclaimed Honoka, bringing a fist in close to her chest.

But then a growling Satomi came roaring back, making a flying charge at Jinnai!

Jinnai managed to catch both of Satomi's fists with two open palms, but Satomi managed to send both himself and Jinnai flying into the air. A great mixed aura of green and purple energy emanated outwards from the two combatants, as their flashy fantastic fight went higher and higher into the air.

Three separate fights involving six extremely powerful combatants now raged throughout Tokyo and her skies. The fate of Tokyo, Japan, and all of Earth now hung in the balance.

Chapter 9
The Power of Friendship

Honoka looked up into the air, taking in the fight between Jinnai and Satomi, until it finally spilled beyond her field of vision. Tsubasa Kira then approached her.

“What do you plan to do now, Honoka?” Tsubasa asked her in a tone of friendly warmth.

“I really need to go find my daughter Kasumi.” answered Honoka, “Given all the dangerous fighting going on in Tokyo right now...”

“Yeah, that makes sense.” stated Tsubasa, “Erena, Anju, and I need to get our anti-gravity gun back to a secure location. But after you find your daughter, please give us a call so we'll all know that you're Ok.”

“Thanks, Tsubasa!” shouted Honoka in reply, “I'll do that.”

So Honoka then headed off to find her daughter. What Bandit Keith would soon find is a surprising yet familiar opponent.

“I hope
we don't have to wait much longer to face Akuma Kousaka or FlavoryFantasy in a match, in America.” stated Bandit Keith casually to Kaname Madoka, as they both stood upon the rooftop of Mitakihara Middle School, waiting for their next opponent.

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” said Magical Girl USA, quoting Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“So you think they might be planning for their upcoming match against us?” asked Bandit Keith, “I guess that is a prudent course of action for anybody who battles in America!”

“Indeed it is, good boy!” exclaimed the silver-haired Maximillion Pegasus in his well-tailored fuchsia-colored suit, suddenly appearing in strut towards Bandit Keith.

“Pegasus!” shouted a startled Bandit Keith, “What are you doing in America?!”

“We're not in America, my geographically challenged friend.” answered Pegasus, “But then most Americans are poorly educated in world geography, aren't they?”

“How dare you insult Americans like that, you sorry excuse for an American!” shouted Bandit Keith in reply, “So I challenge you to a duel right here in America!”

Excellent.” replied Pegasus with a smooth self-confident smile.

Kaname Madoka looked concerned over this, as it definitely wasn't part of the plan. Then she remembered what she just said about plans, and so she decided to make the most of the situation. This wouldn't be hard for Kogetsu Shirogane, as in spite of his considerable injuries, he awoke to see himself being attended to by...

“Maki Nishikino! Quelle Surprise!” he exclaimed, at the sight of her in her white physician outfit, as well as black skirt and black thigh-highs.

“You should be surprised, after how you fought against Santa-san and precious Christmas once!” Maki replied to him with feigned anger.

“That's all in the past.” protested Alice Margatroid, defending her Mad Hatter master.

“It is in the past, thanks to my good friend Hanayo Koizumi.” replied Maki, as she smiled more warmly at Kogetsu, “At least you have good taste in women, Kogetsu.”

“I'm sure the aime s'amuser Rin would agree!” Kogetsu shouted in reply.

“My treatment of you must be going well if you can joke this easily.” said Maki with a wry grin.

Maki had landed a personally-owned helicopter a few meters away from where Kogetsu now lay. And he laid upon a Telemade foam mattress that Maki had brought with her.

“In all seriousness, merci beaucoup, Maki.” Kogetsu said to her.

“Yeah.” added in Alice Margatroid, “Thanks a lot, Maki. You're a real doll!”

“You're welcome.” she replied to Kogetsu and Alice, “Hopefully I can have you fixed up shortly, Kogetsu. Super R and all our friends might soon have need of your help once more. I hope Santa-san will be Ok...”

Kyouko Sakura, Mami Tomoe, and m0ef0xZer0 hoped the same, and they also hoped that their other friends Tuxedo R and Sayaka Miki and Nanoha Takamachi would ultimately be Ok. To that end, and to the end of helping Tokyo, the three finely feminine frilly-attired heroines had all landed the Homucopter on the top of UTX Academy. From there, they were able to watch two major ongoing fights – A brutal brawling battle between Super R and Cell, and a shimmering smooth strafing contest between Katsuhiko Jinnai and Satomi Kou.

“Super R is looking really cool!” chirped m0ef0xZer0 with gleeful fist punch.

“Yeah, but he's gettin' distracted a lot.” replied Kyouko, “And the fight between Jinnai and that green-suited guy looks terribly tight with flashy fireballs flyin' off of them!”

“It's also leaving some civilians racing away in fear...” stated a deeply concerned Mami Tomoe, “So we should try and intervene in Jinnai's fight. Also, if Cell manages some big distraction for Super R, it would be good if Jinnai is freed up to pursue Cell.”

“Good thinking, Mami.” replied m0ef0xZer0, “And hopefully Kogetsu and Fate can join us soon.”

“But until they do, it's all up ta' us!” shouted Kyouko with aggressive toothy grin, and piece of pocky hanging out of her mouth, “So let's rumble!”

Sword-playing Haak and his LRIG Saten were similarly looking to rumble against Forest-playing Kylo Ren and his LRIG Captain Phasma. Phasma was in her shining silver stormtropper armour, and she also had on her black cape with red trim.

“You're playing Forest...” stated Ruiko Saten in slight disbelief, “That's pretty ironic given all the forests you and your people have incinerated.”

“There is a good reason why we play Forest.” replied Captain Phasma, “A reason you will soon see.”

“So much for your First Order, Ren.” stated Haak, “Because I'm the one who gets to go first. And I go first by playing Quickblader, who's going to kick things off by putting a scratch on that precious pretty face of yours!”

A human follower with a steely sneer, and two steely weapons, the storming Quickblader made good on Haak's declaration. And so Haak jumped out to an early 20 health to 19 health lead. Haak then ended his turn, so Ren began his first turn.

“The First Order is used to dealing with many myopic malcontents like you, and pipsqueeks like your Quickblader.” stated Kylon Ren to Haak, “So my turnaround draws nigh!”

“Somebody should turn you around and kick that candy ass of yours!” exclaimed Haak in reply, “And I'm just the man to do it, you fucking traitor to your own family!”

“Well, you're a traitor to proper vocabulary!” shouted Kylo Ren in turn, “And I have the perfect way to defeat you. Coin bet!”

Clone Wars.” stated Captain Phasma in a very ominous tone of voice.

Ren then played the amazingly cute Elf Child May, with her fluffy pink and white attire well-suited for windy wintry weather, especially because of its two large pointy cat ears at the top. The red-eyed silver-haired May also brandishes a bow and arrow, which she uses to deliver 1 damage to a random enemy follower! And so Haak's Quickblader was killed. But much more concerning was what happened next.

A second Elf Child May appeared right next to the first, in a flash of greenish-white light.

“From this point on, every follower I play will result in an exact copy appearing next to it.” stated Kylo Ren with smug grin, “You're about to be swamped by my clone army, Haak! Quite fitting, given Forest's tendency towards endless fairies.”

Captain Phasma then chuckled, while Haak and Saten both steeled themselves for a truly tough fight.

While Haak and Saten steeled themselves for a tough fight, Darthtabby and Dr. Casey did the same, as their Homura rescue mission was underway!

To that end, Darthtabby and Dr. Casey were closing in on Dr. Gero’s back-up hideout at hypersonic velocity aboard the former’s tiger-striped VF-31 Siegfried. Darthtabby licked his lips in anticipation as the valkyrie's navigation system indicated they were approaching the target coordinates, which appeared to be located midst an abandoned industrial complex.

“Let’s go, Kawaiiko-Chan,” Darthtabby whispered as he ran a gloved hand across the top of the valkyrie’s main Multi Function Display.

“Who are you talking to?” asked Dr. Casey, as he strained to look forward over Darthtabby’s shoulder from his position in the VF-31’s jump seat.

“The valkyrie.” answered Darthtabby.

“You call your plane Kawaiiko-Chan?” asked Dr. Casey, with a bemused look.

“Of course.” answered Darthtabby with a smile, “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Well, it’s an inanimate obje...” began Dr. Casey in reply, before being cut off.

Dr. Casey was cut off by the trilling of a missile warning alarm as several red threat indicators appeared on the glass of the cockpit canopy. Darthtabby instantly put the valkyrie into a high speed dive and released a string of anti-missile decoys. Behind him he could hear Dr. Casey retching.

“Don’t puke Doc.” stated Darthtabby, “This baby’s brand new.”

Doctor Casey’s response was unprintable. Huge rippling explosions, some too close for comfort, blotted out the sky behind the valkyrie as the anti missile decoys did their work.

“Doc, can you get a fix on those launch sites for me?” asked Darthtabby. called back, hoping Casey might be able to do a sensor scan while he concentrated on piloting.

“Damn it Darth, I’m a doctor, not a -mmmph!” exclaimed Dr. Casey in reply, very unusually unhelpful given how his body currently felt.

'So much for that new valkyrie smell.' Darthtabby thought wryly, as he pulled out of the dive.

Skimming along just above the ground at supersonic speed, Darthtabby popped up to fire several volleys from his machine’s own missile tubes towards the approximate location of the enemy launch sites. Then, as he approached the edge of the industrial complex, he shifted from Fighter to GERWALK mode, using the thrust from his engines to violently decelerate before passing into a street between some buildings. He then shifted again into Battroid mode, a standing up-right humanoid form, and took cover behind what had probably been an administrative building.

There was a beep as the valkyrie’s sensors picked up a large heat signature nearby. Darthtabby peeked his mech’s head around the corner of the building to get a look at it. The signature was from another mech. A huge one, at least twice as tall as the VF-31 in Battroid mode. It had a hulking, rounded shape that made Darthtabby think of some sort of Golem. He shook his head in disgust. Didn’t the designer realize how wasteful and inefficient such oversized mechs were? He’d have to show Dr. Gero the error of his ways. Leaning around the corner, Darthtabby set the VF-31’s handheld high output beam cannon to its maximum power output and took aim. A moment later he fired. The beam pierced the giant mech's torso armor, and a moment later it blew up in a massive explosion that leveled several nearby buildings.

Darthtabby smirked. That had been easy. He was going to have a field day ambushing such large and clumsy machines in this sort of built up environment.

The warning alarm sounded just in time. Darthtabby glanced to the side of his position and saw another giant mech extending an arm towards his own. It opened fire with a set of heavy guns mounted on its forearm. Darthtabby used the VF-31’s pinpoint barrier system in conjunction with one of its arm mounted shields to protect himself as he sought cover, avoiding any damage. Well, almost any damage. The valkyrie itself was fine, but the external gunpod containing the high output beam cannon was not. Which meant that things were about to get a lot more difficult…

In the valkyrie’s jump seat, Dr. Casey moaned.

“Is it over yet?” asked Dr. Casey.

Darthtabby shook his head.

“Hang on Doc.” stated Darthtabby, “Things are about to get wild.”

Before Doctor Casey could respond, Darthtabby sent the VF-31 leaping out from behind cover and charged the second enemy mech, dodging rapidly from side to side in a half-successful attempt to avoid incoming fire. The remaining hits he blocked with the VF-31’s arm shields and pinpoint barrier system. As the valkyrie approached his target, it leaped into the air and drew back one of its arms, green energy crackling around its clenched fist as he concentrated the pinpoint barrier for a punch. The blow struck the enemy mech's head, pulverizing both it and the sensors it contained.

Darthtabby had no time to celebrate the success of his attack. Almost immediately a missile warning trilled, and he twisted the VF-31 to face the new threat: a barrage of missiles and behind it, just visible over the top of an intervening building, another of the giant mechs.

'Just how many of these things are there?' Darthtabby wondered as he let rip with a fusillade from the VF-31’s head mounted beam guns and shell firing arm cannons that turned the incoming missile volley into a cloud of smoke and fire.

Shifting into GERWALK mode, he threw open the throttle and shot under the fiery haze. Maneuvering around intervening buildings at high speed, he shifted back to Battroid mode and hit the enemy mech with a pinpoint barrier punch to the groin that wrecked its drive system and sent it toppling to the ground.

Wasting no time, Darthtabby then shifted back into GERWALK mode and deployed the VF-31’s swing arm mounted mission module, which was loaded with additional missiles to supplement the already expended contents of the leg mounted missile tubes. Boosting into the air, he did a quick sensor scan that picked up three more of the giant mechs. He fired the mission module’s missiles at one, then dove back down into the streets of the complex as the enemy responded in kind. Chunks of debris rained down from above as missiles slammed into nearby buildings. One piece almost took out the VF-31’s cockpit canopy.

Weaving through the streets, Darthtabby made for the nearest of the remaining enemy mechs and managed to catch it off guard. Coming in from behind, he shifted into Battroid mode and smashed the giant’s head with a single pinpoint barrier punch, then put several cannon shells through its rear engine exhaust port for good measure. The next enemy would prove more challenging.

Located in a wide open area of the complex, it had plenty of time to detect the VF-31’s approach and react, turning to face the smaller mech and launching missiles from the numerous tubes located in its bulky shoulders. Darthtabby blasted the incoming warheads out of the sky, then shifted his aim to the mech’s head, hoping his particle beams and cannon shells could damage the machine’s delicate sensors even if they couldn’t penetrate its heavy armor. As if learning from his tactics, the enemy mech raised one arm to protect its head as it returned fire with the guns on its other arm. Dancing around the incoming fire with footwork that would make a character from Yuri on Ice proud, Darthtabby’s VF-31 closed in and managed to get behind the enemy machine, where it fired into the exhaust port at point blank range with both arm cannons. The giant mech ceased moving and toppled forward with an earth shaking thud.

The fight seemingly over, Darthtabby let the hovering VF-31 settle to the ground and looked to his passenger.

“Are you all right?” Darthtabby asked Dr. Casey.

“I think I’m going to be sick. Again.” Dr. Casey replied, “Still Darth, good work! Now please drop me off at the target coordinates. It's time to save Homura!”

While Dr. Casey was now headed after Homura, Kotohono and Kotori were hoping to find Satomi Kou. However, it would not be Satomi Kou, but someone else, who would be Kotohono's final opponent.

“I hope we can find Satomi soon, and defeat him, and make Katsuhiko's wish.” stated Kotori.

“Agreed.” replied Kotohono, “It's too bad we have no idea of where Satomi is.”

“Then let me answer that question for you.” came the voice of Carol Malus Dark, greatly surprising both Kotohono and Kotori, “But I'm sure seeing me will give you many more questions!”

Kotohono and Kotori then turned about to face a tall busty blonde woman wearing a flashy purple armored suit.

“Carol Malus Dienheim!” exclaimed Kotohono in considerable shock, “How can you be here? Kirito killed you!”

“I am the clone of Carol Malus Dienheim.” replied Carol Dark with one raised eyebrow and a playful grin, “As for Satomi, he was granted a wish, and he has escaped into the real world! A glorious alliance between Satomi, Tatsuya, Cell, Dr. Gero, Pegasus, Roid Brehm and I will soon bear delicious bitter fruit for the entire real world.”

“No...” stated Kotori in fright, “Honoka could be in danger!”

“She definitely is.” replied Carol with a malicious grin, “And poor Umi Sonoda. So soon after she finally won a card game, she was put back on the losing track by me. FlavoryFantasy looked so horrified and overwhelmed at the sight of three of my followers all being 7/7 or greater!”

“You defeated Flavory?” asked Kotohono.

“Yes, and now I intend to defeat you.” answered Carol, “And Roid will deal with your dear Hooves. Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Old rivalries were about to renew with Hooves and Freyja facing Roid. But a new and friendly rivalry was currently underway between Dragon-playing Windy and Sword-playing Kousei Arima. This match also pitted friend against friend, as Chika Takmi and Riko Sakuarachi both started the match in their Daisuki Dattara Daijoubu costumes, with Chika's being orange and yellow and white, and Riko's being pink and white.

Windy had
the first turn, and used that turn to play Dragon Oracle, giving her a free additional play point orb. Windy then ended her turn, and so Arima began his first turn.

“Chika's free PP point passive ability is well-suited for Dragon.” stated Kousei Arima, as he adjusted his glasses, “Now let me show you why Sword suits me well. Coin Bet!”

Symphony of Destruction.” stated Riko with blissful smile.

“Every time direct damage is dealt to the enemy leader, it results in an equal amount of damage being done to a random enemy follower.” said Arima.

“And my passive LRIG ability is Reverberation.” added Riko, “When an enemy follower receives damage, it results in all other enemy followers receiving 1 damage.”

“What incredible synergy!” exclaimed Chika in awe, “Their Coin Effect and LRIG ability are like a match made in Heaven.”

“Yes.” agreed Windy, “And if we were Forest or Sword, I'd be very concerned over our chances to win. But thankfully, Dragon is the toughest possible opponent for them!”

“We will see about that, Windy.” replied Arima, “I now end my turn.”

Windy had been fortunate that Arima had yet to draw a 1pp-cost card.

“He used his Coin Effect when he can't play anything yet?” Chika asked herself.

“He's confident and honest, and I respect that.” answered Windy, “But don't worry, Chika. We're going to win.

On Windy's second turn, she used her 4 pp points to play Dragon Warrior, a gnarly looking dragon with 3 power and 4 toughness. Windy then had Chika attack Arima for 1 damage.

On Arima's second turn, he played Maid Leader, who truly looks like a maid leader, and is a 1/1 that puts a Commander from your deck and into your hand. Arima then had Riko attack Windy for 1 damage, resulting in 1 damage also being done to Dragon Warrior.

On Windy's third turn, she played Draconic Fervor, which restored her health back to full, drew 2 cards for her, and gave her an additional free play point orb. She then had Dragon Warrior and Chika both attack, bringing Arima down to 15 health.

On Arima's third turn, he played Novice Trooper. He then had Maid Leader, Novice Trooper and Riko attack Windy directly, bringing Windy down to 16 health. Symphony of Destruction then caused an additional four damage to Dragon Warrior, destroying him.

On Windy's fourth turn, with 7 PP points accumulated, she played the devastating Dark Dragoon Forte! The long dark-haired red-eyed heavily armored dragoon was as stunning in her beauty as she was in her 5 attack. With her free remaining PP point, Windy grew Chika to 2/2, changing Chika's attire to her Yume de Yozora o Terashitai costume, a simple elegant reddish costume complimented with big red bows. Windy then attacked with both Forte and Chika, bringing Arima down to a mere 8 health!

“Impressive.” said Arima, “But your Forte won't last for long. I also have ward followers to help me out.”

On Arima's fourth turn, he played the ward follower Mirage Defender. Mirage Defender wears simply sparkling silver armor including a long blue cape, and he holds a large diamond-shaped ravishing shield. He also sports a tight blonde crew-cut, and has 3 attack and 4 defense. Just to be on the safe side, Arima then used an evolve point to evolve Mirage Defender to 5/6! He then had Maid Leader, Novice Trooper, and Riko attack Windy directly, bringing Windy down to 12 health. Symphony of Destruction then caused the destruction of Forte, given her 1 defense. Arima then ended his fourth turn.

“You played as well as you could, Arima.” stated Windy, “But our match ends here. Coin Bet!”

Delta Field.” said Chika, amused at how the name of Windy's coin effect might be more appropriate for Hooves' Freyja.

“All of my followers, LRIGs, follower effects, and spell effects deal 1 extra damage to everything, until the end of my opponent's next turn.” stated Windy, explaining Delta Field, “Delta Field also has a potent defensive effect, but that doesn't matter right now. What matters is what Delta Field will do after I play Lucifer, and evolve him!”

Lucifer has sharp angular features and short silvery hair. He fittingly looks like a literal angel. When not evolved, he wears mostly white cloths, but his attire is decidedly black with massive black wings when evolved. And when evolved, he's a strong 9/8 that deals 4 damage directly to the enemy leader. Thanks to Delta Field, that would now become 5 damage. Lucifer would then clear the way for Chika to make the finishing attack, as Lucifer destroyed Arima's Mirage Defender.

Bravo.” stated Arima, “A truly flawless performance. And one that leaves me confident that Takami Chika is a great enough leader to ensure that Riko is a top performer as both a pianist, and a school idol.”

“Really?” asked Chika with slightly skeptical slanted eyebrows, feeling doubtful over Arima's words, “Windy and I were very lucky, really.”

“I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” replied Arima, “Preparation and opportunity are both essential to being a successful pianist.”

“He's right, Chika.” said Windy, “Now we should celebrate this great victory, and prepare to make a wish! So attack Arima to finish this match off!”

“Yeah...” replied Chika, feeling overcome with blissful happiness, “But first...”

In the process of making her attack, Chika would take a brief detour in order to snugly hug Riko, with Riko's arms warmly spread out to receive Chika. The two girls then whispered some sweet nothings to each other, as the match world dramatically crumbled away. Meanwhile, Super R was hoping he could make the threat of Cell crumble away.

Super R had dominated most of his fight with Cell, as Super R proved a little faster and stronger than Cell. However, Cell had managed to keep Super R at bay through random attacks on the civilians of Tokyo. Also, Cell managed to shoot a blast of energy through a descending airplane very high in the air. This forced Super R to knock Cell back, and fly up, up, and away in desperate attempt to save this airplane and its passengers.

Cell then took this opportunity to brush himself off, catch his breath, and better scout his current surroundings. He then took particular notice of a little three-year old girl racing towards a subway entrance. She had a big smile, green eyes, and brown hair with a tiny side-tail tied up with a pink bow. Her face looked familiar to Cell, so he did a DNA scan of her with his advanced vision. Sure enough, this girl was precisely who Cell sadistically hoped she would be.

Kasumi Kousaka. Cell joyfully sneered to himself, “Oh, this is going to be simply delicious!”

Cell then slowly flew after this girl, with gravely ill intent.

Honoka finally found her daughter, as Honoka was already searching the subway station that Kasumi was now at. At the sight of her daughter, Honoka shouted out “Kasumi!” in great relief, as she raced towards her daughter.

“Honk-mama!” shouted out Kasumi joyfully, as she raced towards Honoka.

But heading towards both of them from the side was a flying...

“Cell...” said Honoka in total horror, noticing him in the corner of her eyes.

Cell had transformed one of his hands into a long greenish blade, and his intentions were crudely crystal clear. Honoka crouched down to tightly grab her daughter, and turned her back to Cell. Honoka prepared for the worst, and now expected it.

I'm sorry, Kasumi!” Honoka cried out, with tear droplets in the corner of her eyes.

But then Honoka heard the voice of one of her friends go “Aaaaahhhh...!” as he desperately flew towards her, hoping to intercept Cell before Cell could reach Honoka. Then Honoka heard this friend cry out in considerable pain. And Honoka saw the point of Cell's long greenish blade stop just two centimeters short of one of her eyes. And on that blade she saw trickling blood. The blood of Katsuhiko Jinnai.

“I will not... let you hurt them... Cell!” shouted Jinnai, straining against the pain and immense physical pressure he now felt.

“Mr. J...” said Honoka in breathless surprise, as she quickly moved two feet away and lifted Kasumi up into her arms, as she stood up and turned about to face Jinnai.

“Uncle J!” exclaimed Kasumi in great cheer at the sight of him.

“Ha ha!” laughed Cell with wide open smile, “This is even better than I had hoped!”

Jinnai had been badly wounded by Cell. Cell's blade had cut straight through Jinnai's chest, just below his heart! And it took considerable amounts of soul gem power for Jinnai to enhance his physical might in order to hold back Cell. It was clear that Jinnai could not hope to hold Cell back for long.

“I can see why Tatsuya is disgusted at how you've been corrupted, Jinnai.” Cell said to him, “I know you were once a great ambitious conqueror who rightly cared only about his own power and glory and success. Now look at you!”

Cell then attempted to punch Jinnai with his free hand, but Jinnai managed to catch the punch with an open palm. This left Jinnai loudly grunting in pain, as blood spurted out of his mouth. Honoka looked on with a blank look of horror spreading across her face.

“Limitless power gem or not, you can't hold me back for much longer.” said Cell confidently, “You should abandon this woman and her daughter, and fight me properly!”

“No...” replied Jinnai, straining with all his might against Cell, “She is... my friend.”

“Friendship is a human fairy tale!” shouted Cell, “One that hinders, not helps, the goal of achieving perfection. And so without it, I am perfect.”

“You're... wrong, Cell.” replied Jinnai, “But... I used to think like you. I struggled to fit in... make friends... so I hid behind ambition and ego and assertiveness. I hid behind it until it truly became me. It made me evil. But then... I was totally defeated. And alone. Until the most beautiful person I know reached out her hand to me...”

Honoka started to feel goosebumps over Jinnai's words, as her eyes watered slightly.

“I had been a terrible enemy to her...” continued Jinnai, “I had plotted against her... and her friends. Still she reached out her hand to me... in forgiveness. It changed me. For... the better! And I... have been privileged... to become... her friend. In spite of that, I have repeatedly... failed her. I failed her against Gilgamesh. I failed her by misleading her, because I thought I had to... to be a good Admiral.”

A single tear rushed out of Jinnai's eye after that last line. Honoka's eyes swirled with emotion, as she became increasingly choked up with watery eyes.

Fight back, Uncle J!” Kasumi shouted at Jinnai, “Pew pew him! Laaayzerrr him!”

“...But I will never again fail my friend!” exclaimed Jinnai.

Jinnai's words were not only for emotional vent. They were also to distract Cell long enough for Jinnai to slowly build up excess puer magi energy into his eyes. And those eyes were now a greatly glistening green, leaving Cell to say “Oh shit...!”

“Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikariii~!!!” proclaimed Jinnai as his eyes let loose with the most powerful energy blast Jinnai had ever made.

This humongous pinkish-green blast of energy caused Cell's entire body to shatter completely, even beyond the possibility of regeneration.

Amazing...” said a tearful Honoka in shock and awe.

Jinnai then stood upright, but with a gaping wound on his chest and back, leaving parts of purple suit soaked with blood. Honoka felt overcome with gratitude, so she carefully placed Kasumi back on the ground. Kasumi then stood upright, and placed her hands on her hips, laughing joyously in imitation of her beloved Uncle J.

Honoka raced forward, and warmly wrapped her arms around Jinnai's chest from behind.

“Thank you so much, Mr. J!” she cried to him, “Thank you, Katsuhiko. I will always be your friend.”

But Jinnai's body then went limp. He was slightly too heavy for Honoka to continue holding upright. So she carefully lowered him to the ground, upon his back. She then noticed just how much blood loss Jinnai had endured. She saw that his eyes were now closed. She feared that he was dead.

“Mr. J...” cried Honoka, as she fell to two knees and looked at his face, “KATSUHIKO!

While Honoka feared that Katsuhiko Jinnai was now dead, Rune-playing Maximillion Pegasus now intended to kill Haven-playing Bandit Keith's American Dream.

“Say hello to my hot human-hating LRIG!” exclaimed Pegasus, “Say hello to Kanna Kamui. Kaiba-boy would be so jealous if he saw her, since she's a literal blue-eyes white dragon! Just now in her human form, of course.”

“I intend to send her back from wherever she came.” replied Bandit Keith, “We don't accept frauds without proper documentation, in America!”

Kanna grrred over that, but Pegasus calmed her down with assurances of victory. Pegasus then went first, and used his first turn to play Angelic Snipe, dealing one damage directly to Bandit Keith. Pegasus than ended his turn.

“I play The Pledge of Allegiance!” exclaimed Bandit Keith, referring to Sacred Vow, as he placed one hand over his heart, “It's an amulet that drafts three new cards into my hand once its done counting down. A Sacred Vow to all proud Americans in America!”

“How droll” replied Pegasus, as he began his second turn, “Now I play Valkyrie's Spear! It's an amulet that gives +1/+0 whenever an allied neutral follower comes into play.”

“Neutrality is for the Swiss!” protested Bandit Keith, “It has no place in America!”

“My coin effect begs to differ.” replied Pegasus with a grin, “Coin Bet!”

Toon World.” stated Kanna.

“Now I attack with Kanna, and end my turn.” stated Pegasus.

Kaname Madoka felt concerned over Pegasus' coin effect not being explained. But Bandit Keith confidently played on, by playing Beastcall Aria, or as he likes to call it, Call of Duty! Bandit Keith then had Madoka attack Pegasus for one damage. Pegasus' third turn then began.

“Now you will find out what my coin effect does.” stated Pegasus in glee, “You probably love apple pies, am I right, Keith? Well I say it's time for you to eat your veggies!”

Pegasus then played the 2/2 'returns to your hand' Ultimate Carrot, and grew Kanna to 2/2. But there were two things disturbingly different about this Ultimate Carrot. For one, he looked very cartoony, with his menacing toothy grin now replaced with a warm child-like toothless smile. His carrot body also appeared more puffy and a brighter orange. Most concerning was how his attack and defense were now both 1 higher than usual.

“Toon World changes all remaining cards in our deck into Ultimate Carrot.” stated Kanna, “It also gives each Ultimate Carrot +1/+1. This makes for a food attack even scarier than Tohru's!”

“Do you see the beauty here, Keith?” asked Pegasus, “An endless army of cheap 3/3 followers that all go back into my hand when they die. 4/3 followers thanks to Valkyrie's Spear. I now command an army more vast than that of your precious America!”

Pegasus then had his 2/2 Kanna attack Keith directly for 2 damage. Pegasus' third turn ended with him having a health advantage of 19 to Keith's 17. Kaname Madoka felt deeply concerned for her friend and Selector Bandit Keith. For once, she struggled to think of a fitting Presidential quote to cheer up her friend. But as she looked into his face, she was surprised to see impeccable resolve and unusual sober seriousness.

“Not bad, Pegasus.” said Bandit Keith, as he removed his shades, “But not good enough. You should know that I have three coin effects, one for each color of our flag. Red is for the Republicans, Make America Great Again. Blue is for the Democrats, Yes We Can! As for White? White is what binds all of us as Americans. Coin Bet. Memorial Day.

Then it happened. Images of Homura's rockets' red glare, Walpurgisnight bursting in air, flooded into Madoka's mind. And so did massive multitudes of other memories, previously stripped from her by Akuma Houmra. In complete wide-eyed open-mouth shock and awe, Magical Girl USA Kaname Madoka fell to her knees. And she began to transform. Transform into what she had once wished to be. So she grew taller, her hair grew far longer, her eyes turned golden in color, her attire changed into long-flowing pure white dress, and she grew two large wings. Those wings revealed that even now, her time as an American heroine had meant much to her, for those wings were now colored red and blue to go with her white dress.

“Four years ago, Sayaka Miki told me and some of my friends the truth about Madoka.” stated Bandit Keith, “On that day, we swore we would do whatever we could to rise her back up to where she belongs. Losing her will be sad for all Americans, but I believe that in her heart she will always be in America.

With tear droplets forming in her eyes, Magical God USA Kaname Madoka nodded at Bandit Keith's words, as she stood up.

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” said Madoka, quoting Lyndon B. Johnson.

“Good show, Keith!” exclaimed Pegasus with a dismissive sweep of one arm, “But it is ultimately meaningless. Even as a goddess, Madoka can't directly bring her power to bear on the world of men. She can merely channel it through other magic-users that she's friends with. Who can she hope to channel her might through now?”

When it comes crashing down, and it hurts inside...” stated Madoka, as tears streamed out of her eyes, quoting the theme song of the man Bandit Keith considers the greatest American hero of all-time.

Before Madoka became the leader of Team America, it had a different leader. That leader had become one of Madoka's closest friends, and he had remained that even in his long overdue retirement. But now, he would come out of retirement one more time for the sake of his country, and his friends.

A reddish and yellowish fire formed in the middle of Bandit Keith's board. And out of that fire arose a very muscular well-tanned man, looking like he did in the late 80s, as he ripped open his shirt in vintage form.

“This is it, brother!” shouted Hulk Hogan, pointing one finger at Maximillion Pegasus, “Whatcha gonna do when the might of 24 million Puella Magi run wild over you?!”

“This will be Team America's greatest hour!” shouted Bandit Keith.

“In America!”
exclaimed Hulk Hogan and Kaname Madoka in unison.

To Be Concluded!!!


Only a few short notes this time given length of chapter. Darthtabby's scene was wrote by him. I just edited it and shortened it some in order to fit my overall writing style. Darthtabby offered to write a mecha fight scene for me, and he did so, and I'm personally very pleased with what he wrote. Thank you, Darth! I hope you're Ok with the edits I made.

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