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Chapter 9

The real-world parts of this chapter were definitely the standouts of this section, though the moment at the end of Chika v Riko was pretty heartwarming, as was the return of Madokami at the end of that duel. Back to the real world now, where emotions were running higher than Bandit Keith smoking a America

--Wonder Woman's theme is so boss it hired a separate area for Apostle and Tatsuya to fight in. How do they lose track of two conspicuous characters? I bet Jinnai's not the sensory type. It also looks like I was right about Apostle being above the weight class of the Puella Magi Trio, though he wouldn't recognize one of them at the moment

--I scanned through the previous chapter. Yup. It was indeed raining. Now I know why Superman died against Doomsday in BvS; he fought him at night! I'd also like to know what connections A-RISE has to get weapons capable of hurting Cell that the military doesn't. Newtype Alliance? Symphogear HQ? Santa's Workshop?

--Handing the reigns to Darthabby for his action scene conjured something vivid to the point that it makes it easy to wonder if he's collecting on the fact of not doing much of anything. Come to think of it, he wasn't involved in the battle against Saazbaum that is peculiar. Too bad Casey can't handle the Gs, though the passenger seat is probably in better shape than the pile of mechas lying around

--That final scene deadlock between Honoka, Jinnai, and Cell detonated sentiments that I didn't think you were capable of igniting. It was a strong scene. Though, if Jinnai survives this, I hope you don't think to make that injury limit the amount of hours he can fight (who would be Aikawa though?)
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