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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
No, it's a series of romance stories featuring the same protagonist, with each story being an alternate possible reality. I don't think you can have a harem if there aren't multiple characters after a protagonist at a time... but I guess maybe that's just my definition.
This is mostly why I'm going to watch Amagami. Even though its story, characters, and settings are as familiar as any harem VN or anime, this one takes a different approach. It takes a "what if..." look at the various different paths the main male protagonist will take. I like it because it's different for that fact alone. It's something I'd wish other harem animes would take instead of the one girl scenario throughout where you would immediately figure out who he'd end up with before the end of the series.

Something different is nice. It's why I enjoyed True Tears and KimiKiss at the same time, they were a little different and the stories were realistic. What can I say? I'm a sucker for love stories, especially good ones.

Wouldn't it be nice to know "what if" Tomoya ended up with each of the different girls of Clannad instead of just Nagisa? We got Tomoyo and Kyou, but it'd be nice to see the others.

Or how about Rin of shuffle?

This omnibus approach is nice because for people like myself don't get a chance to play Japanese-exclusive VNs unless you're fluent in Japanese to play them. I know I'll probably be unable to play Amagami unless I know and understand Japanese fully.

From the looks of it after episode 1, definitely looking forward to Tsukasa Ayatsuji's story for some reason I haven't figured out yet. She just seems like a nice girl from her outward appearance.

Also, I can't get enough of the OP song, it's so calm and the melody is catchy. Hopefully the single comes out soon. I actually ended up ripping the audio and converted it to an MP3 to listen to. XD
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