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First episode

Well I did my GIFs of this one here: of which I am sure like I said in my BLOG people will have perverted ideas just with this scene:

The 2 girls that I like are: Rihoko and Sae. Mostly because Rihoko has the wild looks I like and Sae's shy side is for me=> My problem is the wuss type Junichi is while confessing so fast I was like simply because I knew he was going to be rejected.

That was way too fast but nice planetarium design he did. Another problem would be Miya and I detection of a brother complex. Did you all see how she reacted with her brother suddenly liking Haruka. She also calls him Nii-nii. I don't know about you all but I get brother complex vibes. Tsukasa also looks interesting the way she goes around. Umehara looks to me the typical perverted friend. Would be interesting to see how he helps out Junichi. Kaoru......looks to me the tomboy type but also the wild type a little.

Finally this whole series looks like Kimi Kiss and Hatsukoi. The only difference that is amazing and makes me would be the realism and serious depth it offers. The girls look much more gorgeous and captivating. Also.......hope the fan service does not go over board......we all know it can ruin some series if it's too much.......looking at you Seikon no Qwaser!
Forgot to mention something.....Junichi you got so rejected right here =>
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