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Originally Posted by Ke0
He didn't sense Sasuke, he heard him, I mean the guy was screaming Naruto and running pretty hard, you'd have to be an idiot not to hear him coming.
Sasuke wasn't screaming at all and the two others didn't notice him before Itachi said he was here.

You could say the Byakugan does have increased perception as well, like when Neji pretty much described Naruto's feelings, Neji doesn't know Naruto, he only met the kid at the Chunnin exams, before that he never knew Naruto, he's only seem him for a short time.
Neji describing Naruto's feeling? For god sake he thought that Naruto was scared to be close to him during their fight and that he was the one standing away.

Originally Posted by aptenergy
Um, Hunter... speculation != truth.
No way?

We have no idea how the Byakugan responds to genjutsu. What is it susceptible to? What can it see through? Can anyone provide me with an example of Neji or Hinata or Hizashi or Hiashi even encountering genjutsu?
We have no idea how the Byakugan responds to ghost either.
And that's exatly why until the manga states a new bloodline's ability, it doesn't have it.
And anyway to know that you're in a genjutsu doesn't help you.

Think about Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan. If Byakugan were to see the eye, according to people here, it would see the surface of the eye, the chakra coil system behind the eye, the flesh behind the eye, the stuff 50 feet in back of the Sharingan user, etc. etc. At what point does the genjutsu completely overwhelm the Byakugan user? Is it what's in the pupil? The cornea? The rods and cones of the three spots (I have no idea what they're called)?

Oh wait, we have no documentation of where that "overwhelming" happens. My point is that everyone should just sit and wait for an answer from Kishimoto. We're constantly hearing stuff from both sides about how good each side is, yet nothing has been settled. Either Kishimoto will settle the issue by having them fight, or he's going to give people more reasons to polarize themselves over whatever they like (or leave everything as it is, in which case people still debate over this issue).
Actually, we do have information about that,

And also, Neji is the only one who is known for looking at people's eyes and interpreting their feelings. "Everyone can do that," sure, but I'm guessing that the fact that only Neji is noted for doing it (maybe someone has 300 examples to prove the opposite) means that it's something that Neji is very good at. Since I have no evidence otherwise to indicate that this is just an aspect of his personality, I'm guessing that it's attributed to the fact that he has Byakugan.
Re-read my post, I said that to interpret the movements of someone isn't a Byakugan ability but that the Byakugan would help to do so because of its abilities to see every details with its great insight.
And that's something that a Sharingan can as well.
And yes even without bloodline (because this way to analyze moves is an irl stuff lol) to see how eyes moves, if someone touches his lips, if someone put his hands in front of him as to defend himself, etc. isn't so incredibly hard.

I find it hard to believe that the increased insight that Byakugan gives is limited to seeing chakra flowing through objects. Insight has a much more mental aspect to it; it's not just X-ray vision. The Sharingan offers mental insight because you can identify, analyze, predict and imitate jutsu.
Did the manga ever hinted that the Byakugan would have new capacities?
The last time was during the volume 12, since now 13 volumes, the only things added to the Byakugan were its extents.

Does that means that the Byakugan will never has new abilities? No-one can say that except Kishimoto, but for the moment it has not.
When you judge an ability, you do it with what you know of the ability, not with what you hope that it will be.

And by the way, it's really not that easy to quickly interpret that much information from people's eyes. Neji was reading and interpreting in real time with what everyone accepts as 100% accuracy. Try it yourself. Sure, you can detect hesitation, but it's not as simple to make the conclusions he was making.
And like he showed with Naruto, Neji's conclusion can be dead wrong ^^

Originally Posted by raikage
Finally, the newer conclusion that I've come to based on the past few pages:

The Sharingan is better at one-on-one fighting and quick skill enhancement.

The Byakugan is better at multiple-opponent taijutsu fighting (probably ninjutsu; I'm not too sure) , spying, scouting, detecting traps, and pretty much every other occasion that doesn't require direct combat.
I pretty much agree with that, with a little difference though.
Like you I think that the Byakugan is better at first with everything that doesn't require direct combat (or Taijutsu of course), but that can change when a Sharingan master copy a new jutsu which can 'upgrade' him in a particular field of ability.

Originally Posted by Unidentified
Who sasy there ins't more to the byukagan?
For the Xth time, if you're soooo persuaded that the Byakugan is better, why do you need hypothetic new abilities?

It hasn't even been shown some of the abilities Kakashi says they have. Like increasing chakra flow. We haven't seen an example of that. We haven't seen a lot of things that has been said, and I'm definitely sure there are more movees. Even as of now with what the byukagan can do according to Kakashi it's better. But there are more moves possible that can do what has been said. How about incrasing your flow? It would be like the curse seal, forcing out chakra. They can do a lot of things that has been said but Neji hasn't learned, unless you're saying Kakashi is lying?
Indeed there are more moves, as you said Kakashi spoke about others way to use the Jyuken.
But that's not new Byakugan's abilities, that's new way to use the same abilities.
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