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Originally Posted by nh1
So it seems at least against Tsukiyomi, although it helped both Kurenai and
Even in the case of a simple genjutsu it didn't help at all, it's the pain which helped to escape the genjutsu, not the fact that they knew that it was an illusion.

I don't think it is... I think the Sharingan user has to look into your pupils as well. If someone happens to see his eye, they shouldn't be caught.
Hmm in the other hand, this is indeed possible.
Personally I don't think so because I think that if Kakashi said to both Asuma and Kurenai to close their eyes, it was because the Tsukiyomi (or this kind of jutsu anyway) can be used on several target at once.

Originally Posted by Ke0
Another thing I noticed, the Uchiha clan was feared because of Itachi, when people talked about the Uchiha clan, it's just about Itachi, no one else in that clan is ever talked about as being powerful, seems like Itachi is a one off type of thing.
Indeed, the Uchiha were known as the unmatched clan because a single guy of this clan was very strong
Get real 3s, if the Uchiha clan was only known to be able to have one strong ninja who whiped them all in a single night, they would be known as the laughable clan, not the most superior clan, not the fearest clan, not the stronger clan, etc.

Seriously re-read the manga, Zabuza, Kakashi, Orochimaru, Lee, Itachi or the rest of the arena including Daymio and ninja leader didn't want to see Sasuke, they wanted to see an Uchiha, when Oro impersonating Kagekaze said that no opponent but an Uchiha could show off Sand's ninjas capacities, you didn't see the 3rd thinking what the hell this moron is saying either.
Every single time that Sasuke does something hard/cool/great/etc. there is someone (Gai, Lee, Kakashi, Oro, etc.) who said Hmmm so that's the Uchiha clan!

No one ever speaks about Itachi when they talk about the genius Uchiha clan.

Also about the Sharigan just copying something and bam the user is God, they still have to train months. Look at Sasuke using Rock's speed, he uses it for 5 minutes, and he's having asthma attacks
Firstly, speed is a body capacity, it's something that you can't copy.
Then Lee's in the same boat as Sasuke.

The high speed of Lee drains his stamina as much as for Sasuke, the only difference is their respective amount of stamina.
And during his fight with Gaara, Lee started to look tired because of this kind of speed almost immediately, even before Gaara used the armor of Sand.
Exactly as Sasuke actually.

Both of them were out of breath just after their second blow on Gaara's face.


Both of them can't keep this kind of speed too long.
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