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Originally Posted by FromageTheDog
Macross Zero (and it's spiritual (and licensed -- and Bandai's release is as usual top notch) sibling, Yukikaze, for that matter) has utterly stunning visuals, and a very strong storyline to drive it.

However, I'm a little worried that as is more often than not the case with this sort of thing, the writers have manged to craft more plot and conceive more intrigue than they can hope to fairly deal with within five episodes. Even the really strong recent showing -- Gilgamesh -- was hard pressed to resolve the plot well in all of 26 episodes (and granted this is a subjective opinion; it wasn't as bad as Eva, which was one long series of questions culminating in a big "Huh?").

Macross Plus certainly had a very clean and clear ending, and managed it in 4 eps, but that didn't have nearly the same level of complexity, plot-wise, as Zero, IMHO. Relationships all seemed rather contrived, intrigue forced and women compliant. Not that I didn't think it wasn't amazing despite all this -- I've dutifully collected the various audio-visual knick-knacks that JVC (OST) and Bandai (DVD) released...

In any case, I'm really looking forward to seeing Ep. 5 to see how they finish it; I'm still hoping for the proverbial rabbit in the hat. At the very least, the female love interest is reasonably strong and self-aware...

- Fromage

P.S. -- Sorry for the earlier OT post, xris! I'll PM in the future. All this modern technology...

Though I strongly disagree with some of your examples, I do share your worry over the end of Macross Zero. Only one episode left to tie everything up, while at this point we're still in the dark as to where the story is even heading.
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