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Originally Posted by Oliver View Post
Ep5 quote:

Dlanor: "...So, once you claimed to have seen Kinzo, it was no longer misrecognition... ...In other words, this proves that the observer wasn't objective... is what you are SAYING...?"
Narration expands on that: "In this case, unintentional 'misrecognition' is not permitted by the rules of this game. However, it is possible to intentionally 'lie about seeing' something you never saw...!! And that is an action not permitted to a 'detective' burdened with the responsibility of an impartial perspective..."

Emphasis mine. I would say this is a pretty strong anti-disguise argument in general, because any disguise as someone else is in one way or another a misrecognition. People lie. Not just make mistakes, they also lie, including to themselves. Doctor House has good reasons to say that every chance he gets to. In many a circumstance this is a natural, logical and strategically sound thing to do. In some rare cases it's even a morally correct thing to do.

oh right your talking about this. Yeah I found it too. Sorry for not being up to date. However we should note that it's the narration that is saying this and not Battler. Lambda also said in white text that only the game master can use the golden truth and that doesn't seem to be true either. I think a detective can be "partial" to a theory without violating any of the commandments. As detectives they should be obligated to be neutral and unbiased, but Erika shows this is not the case through out the whole of episode 5. If her theory isn't biased and partial to her own personal opinions I don't know what to call it.

it seems a lot of the statements made in white text in the ??? would be completely false if this is true though. There might be something deeper to what Lambda says about the bodies disappearances than they weren't really dead. However maybe episode 6 disproves that.

EDIT: In fact it seems like this would be a huge trap. Where does Knox's Seventh say anywhere that the detective can't lie about what his/her eyes and ears see and hear? It's something we've taken for granted, but a liar is not a culprit are they? Of course maybe they just interpret what they see wrong that's not a problem.

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