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Captain's Log, Stardate 55911.8.

We have been sent out into the Beta Quadrant by command to investigate a spacial anomaly detected by one of our probes. Shortly after its discovery, all communication with the probe ceased, leading to speculation of possible attack on it. A few scientists, however, argued that the few readings it sent back indicated some kind of spacial anomaly. With the Enterprise E being the closest ship to the probe's last known location, we were dispatched to locate the cause of its mysterious disappearance.
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The bridge of the Sovereign-class vessel was relatively quiet. To the experienced crew, it was a pleasing sound; no incoming threats, no damage or malfunctions on the ship, no strange forces or beings invading the vessel. But as the old Earth saying went, all good things must come to an end.

"Sir, we're approaching the probe's last known location," spoke Ensign Perim from her position at the ship's conn.

From his center seat of position, the older Jean Luc-Picard nodded his acknowledgment of the information. "Thank you, Ensign. Bring us out of warp, one-half impulse."

"Aye sir, one-half impulse."

Streaking stellar bodies on the main viewing screen shifted from streaks of light to various sized circles around the darkness of space. "Data, give me a full sensor sweep of the surrounding space."

From his position to the front-left of the captain, Lieutenant Command Data's fingers swept across his control console. Readings from the ship's various scientific instruments poured onto his screen at a rapid pace. For a normal humanoid, it would all seem like a blur. But it was an easy task for Data's positronic brain to process the information.

"Ship's sensors show no vessels or known habited worlds in the area. There is also no signs of weapon fire or the probe's remains"

Picard leaned back in his chair and stared out into the vast space on the viewing screen. "What do you think, Number One?"

To his right, the ship's XO Commander William Riker glanced back at his long-time captain. "Maybe a system failure on the probe? With no wreckage it doesn't seem like it was attacked."

"Perhaps." Picard rubbed his chin, "Or someone stole the probe. But there's no traces of recent fuel-based or warp-based travel in this area."

"Sir," chimed in the android Data, "the report from Starfleet had several documents included about a possible spacial anomaly in this area before the probe disappeared."

Riker shrugged, "It's a possibility. We have encountered such things before."

"Agreed. Picard to engineering."

"Engineering. This is La Forge," came over the bridge's speakers.

"Prepare a probe to check for any...spacial anomalies. "

"Aye, sir."

When the communication line was closed, Picard looked over at his XO, "With all our luck, it'll end up being Q trying to lure us into another one of his 'games.'"

"I sure hope not. I'd rather face off against Species 8472 than deal with him again."


As the probe was being prepared, the Enterprise maintained its distance from the supposed spacial anomaly. Within a half-hour, the probe was declared ready. The simple looking device was launched from the ship and steadily closed in on its destination...before vanishing from their sensors.
It had begun as an ordinary mission. They traveled to a world suspected of being the hideout for some dimensional fugitive, located him, fought as he attempted to use some Lost Logia to turn the tables, watch as Nanoha yet again over did her Starlight Breaker on the suspect, clean up the damages, and headed back to TSAB HQ. Everything had been pretty routine until about an hour ago. On their way back their sensors detected an unknown object floating in the dimensional space. Per procedure, they diverted their course to investigate. The strange object, after being deemed not a threat, was brought on board and was currently being studying in the cargo bay. Not knowing where it came from, the TSAB Warship held its position to watch out for more of these objects or perhaps the ones who made it.

The speakers on the bridge came to life. "Cargo Bay to the Captain."

Chrono Harlaown straightened up in his chair. While he was a prime example of a TSAB officer, sitting around doing nothing still bored him to death. "What do you have to report?"

"From what we can determine, it appears to be some kind of deep-space exploration probe."

"Deep-space?" That got Chrono's attention. Being they were between dimensions, it was a rather unusual place for this probe to be.

"Yes. At least that's what we gather from the instruments mounted on it. The technology is fairly advanced, though non-magical."

"Have you run a check for matches on Non-Administered Worlds?"

"We have and no matches came up. There's nothing in our records for this 'Starfleet' name we found marked on the probe."

Chrono sat back and considered the new information. A probe from an undiscovered dimension. Even more, the inhabitants seem to have found a way to enter this dimensional space without the use of magic. Though there was also the possibility that there is a tear from that dimension that the probe wandered into. That was a lot more troublesome as an unmonitored dimensional tear could provide complications should it grow unstable.

"Begin scanning the area for dimensional anomalies. I want to know where this thing came from." Now it was back to the waiting game. A game that he really didn't like playing.

After some time of staring at one of the rivets in the wall, Chrono's attention was caught by a beeping from one of the consoles. "What is it?"

"We're detecting another object. It just appeared on our sensors."

"It must have come through the same tear. I want a full scan of that area and bring the other probe on board once it has been cleared."

He watched the newer probe on a screen to his right. It looked very similar in design to the first one. That meant that there was a possibility that whoever sent the first one sent this one to figure out where it had disappeared to. It also meant they had to work faster before anything got out of hand.

"Sir, we've located the tear."

"Status of the tear?"

"It appears to be stable, though it's giving off some unusual readings."


"It might just be a miscalibration in the sensors. We're checking now."

"Hmm...How large is it?" Chrono inquired.

"Just bigger than us, sir."

For Chrono this was an interesting situation. If this was an undiscovered dimension, it could be worth investigating. Especially given the technology level of the probes they could prove to be an asset to the TSAB. Well, providing that they weren't hostile with plans on inter-dimensional domination. Those kinds of people were a pain to deal with.

"Set course for the tear. Inform HQ of our discovery and that we will begin an initial investigation of the dimension."

Leaning back in his chair, Chrono stared at the main screen as they approached the tear. So much for it being a routine mission.
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