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Originally Posted by HunterSeeker View Post
With limited airing time you can't expect ALL elements from the game can be animated. I didn't play the game so I can't tell what parts are missing but, from Niconico Douga I saw a player posted 50 pieces of the game progress (and that only) which all exceed 15 minutes, some can reach 24. That's all about at least 35 episodes worth of a proper anime......
The fact is you have stated that you haven't played the game, only watched videos so you can't say for 100% sure that they can't fit in all of the game's material into the anime. The answer is, they don't need to add everything from the game, just add more then what they have done, meaning they wouldn't have to include all the crap that they have.

Also, all those videos you mentioned, i hope you know some missions can take upto 20 minutes to complete, even more. & it's not like they're going to animating every single part of those battles.

What's missing are the battles, not the content within them.
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