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Originally Posted by justinstrife View Post
There is very little that is decent for this story. Just look at the main character situation and you'll see what I mean. Are Welkin and Alicia the main characters? Or is Fabio and Alicia the main characters?

In the game, it was extremely obvious that Fabio was nothing more than a side character with a very important moment in the story. We saw things essentially through Welkin. Now we're seeing things through Fabio's eyes, and he gets all of the important parts in the story. Why even bother having Welkin in the OP as much as he is when the focus is no longer on him?

This show is absolutely horrible. It's so horrible, it's a joy to see how much worse they can screw things up. I hope this anime bombs. And I hope the script writer is shunned from anime forever after this abomination.
IF you totally dislike it, you could stop watching the series.

Faldio has in VC game and VC anime series the same tragic role. He not only lost his unit, he also lost his friends and he also lost the war against welkin for alicia.

In this series his actions to kidnap Kordelia to gain the lance and shield brandmarked him as a traitor.

In the tent he lost the the triangle match against Welkin. He could not awake Alicia but Alicia reacted on Welkins voice. The face expressions tells me somehow that at this point he finally realizes, that Alicia has decided.

Anyhow. Did someone see the mistake when Faldio was trying to feel the pulse?
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