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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Y'know, something that's been niggling at my mind for a while, which I am genuinely curious about; if this entire show, setting and premise distresses you so much, why do you continue to torture yourself so?
Because whenever someone says the way the Total Eclipse anime starts out is a perfectly acceptable way to write your first episode, it's effectively saying newer shows should follow the same awful example. It's the same problem I have with people who allowed Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0 to happen.

And again, the difference between the TE anime writers and me is I at least make up my mind ahead of time when I'm writing brainless shock value garbage. I don't try to analyze Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on the same level as The Dark Knight or Watchmen because Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is intentionally not trying to operate on that level. Total Eclipse started out with one of the ballsiest and legitimately suspenseful mecha series premieres I've seen in a while, but then it abruptly goes "oh nevermind we're going to stop trying, so here's some HILARIOUS catgirl maid cosplay" the moment it hits the timeskip. If you're not going to go all the way, then you're just throwing random out of place darkness into your script.

Originally Posted by DezoPenguin View Post
I'm now aware that BETA are really scary and ick, that death is a brutal reality anyone can face at any time
Except it's not. It's only a reality that exists in the first two episodes.

Once you get to episode 3, the only characters who are ever in any grave danger from the BETA are the cardboard background extras. Yeah, there's the one episode of Yui trapped in the bunker with the techie guy that tries to recreate the Kyoto atmosphere, but that's the exception to the rule. I actually did like that episode and thought it was nice to see how she's grown as a character, but it's effectively a tiny speck of gold in a giant pile of shit.

The whole idea that the situation is constantly hopeless and anyone can die at any moment is _obliterated_ when the show's post-timeskip batch of main characters spend most of their time goofing around in VR simulations, lounging around on beaches, and showing off their dazzling flying skillz at high altitude where they're completely free of any consequences of Laser classes roaming around. When they DO rarely participate in actual battle, they all share insane levels of plot armor and there's never any illusion that any of them could actually die. Gee, that's convenient. If they had just made that creative decision an episode earlier, Yui's first group friends wouldn't have been wiped out and I could have watched a show with a cast of characters I actually care about.

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