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For me, I found that the prologue's depiction of the BETA worked, because whenever the BETA showed up later in the series, such as the sim runs, it allowed me to fill in the blanks (for example, Yuuya's sim run in Ep. 4 with the Fubuki, with Argos watching his back), or during the TSFiA stills in Episode 8.

Really, Hagoshod/Abicion/Whatever you want to call yourself today, I will repeat: your argument essentially boils down to the same thing you accused Darthtabby:

You disliked this element of Total Eclipse and considered it bad, so bad that it destroyed the series; therefore everyone else who didn't mind, who found it okay, who managed to enjoy the series, is wrong.

But by all means, feel free to ignore the log in your own eye.

Please do continue to wallow in your hypocrisy; you have my gratitude, good hack of a sir, for providing me with a form of entertainment akin to the trainwreck that is Barisan Nasional's self-denial and Malaysian politics. XD
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