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Found this lovely this picture

Spoiler for pic:
Not to sound like a broken record, but that captures Samurai Flamenco so, so well .

It was nice, after the Tokusatsu action of the last few arc, to see Samurai Flamenco kinda return to its roots as a more character driven show. It's still a heck of a lot of fun though .

Well, we finally get the reveal regarding Goto's girlfriend, and it turns out a lot of peoples guesses were spot on. We even had Goto with the flowers from first opening, which was one of the major clues that led people to suspect something was off about her in the first place .

Still, seeing Goto like that was quite the sad sight. It's ironic that someone who seems far more in touch with reality than the Flamenco's could turn out to have his own, deeper, issues beneath the "mask." I genuinely hope the best for Goto, and that he can get his own happy ending by the end .

I was pretty surprised to see that Mari might just have some genuine feelings for Goto, regardless of whether he's in uniform or not, and I'm quite interested to see how this will develop. Poor Moe though .

I really have to wonder, though, about what happened to Goto's girlfriend. She just mysteriously disappeared, and way before Masayoshi's wish started altering reality. I could see a Jetman scenario happening, or something even weirder, though whatever happens, I hope the revelation doesn't shake Goto up too much .

It's nice to see the other Flamengers are doing well. I especially liked seeing Soichi become the Gavan Type G to Joji's Gavan, and Sakura dealing with her unrequited love .

While I was expecting some threat to pop up near the end to force Masayoshi to become Samurai Flamenco again, I wasn't expecting it to be the kid from episode one. Now everything's come full circle. I don't think Sawada is just another result of the "Universes Will" granting Masayoshi's wish, since they met before Masayoshi made it. I think he just idolizes Samurai Flamenco and took the wrong kind of lesson out of Masayoshi's speech. It'll be interesting to see how Masayoshi fares now that he's going up against a more realistic threat again, and I'm curious to see if he might just go back to his original, cheap, Samumenco suit to settle things.
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