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Ahh, I guess you're right.

Code Geass is paved with good intentions, then.

Who is Clovis? Oh right! the guy that died RIGHT at the beginning of the series, forgot about him.

....I also can't say Charlie struck me as the good guy. That pointed goatee kinda gave away his role.

Spinzaku doesn't pave a way to hell, he wants to follow the yellow brick road to it. (Sarcasm)

Schneizel impressed me, he made a wonderful nice doomsday flying fortress. He ran out of funds to do the final touch: paint a big smiley face on the front of it, smiley faces make everything better..! (again, sarcasm)

"Damocles isn't here to hurt you, it's here to subjugate you all so peace can be achieved via forceful means!"

...Sorry, >:P

That was my personal opinion. Spinzaku, Charlie the rocketcorn, and Schittles weren't right in my opinion, just on the right track.

..Now, back on Lelou! >=D
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