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Nice AX... my turn.

"I am all that is. I am all that is not. Everything dances to what I command it to. I am the Dweller of Darkness, the Color out of Space, the Watcher in the Mist.
Who am I? I am Deathwing... Deathwing the DESTROYER!

"And she...? She is my Aspect. She is my daughter. She is... Keroko Georashi."

Black Order Chronicle: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Chapter 00: Watashi Wa...
Keroko Georashi

Note: That link might die soon. If it does, I will relink.
Beta'd by no one yet cause Tempest is busy.

Spoiler for Preview:
I liked hearing Keroko's history, looking forward to how your going to weave this into the main timeline.
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