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Originally Posted by Dusk_ View Post
...Palpatine = Precia?
Wouldn't that spiral into some weird Palpatine (Precia) = Luke (Fate's) Mother? Precia should be Padme. Then we can have JailXPrecia!

I always thought Hayate being far more suitable for Palpatine's role. Controlling the Republic (TSAB), issuing a clone (cyborg) army, all just to finish her evil mastermind plan of creating her Empire (Harem). Yet then we're left without Han Solo... Nevermind.

Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post

Do you mind if I borrow this a little?
Originally Posted by markesellus View Post
Now we've got a logo we just need Kai to write it.

@Kai: I don't think we're helping your plot bunnies.
Not at all.
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Spoiler for Previously:
Spoiler for PornStar!Vivio pt.42 (this one is very NSFW. STill AS safe, but NSFW.:
I'm not exactly sure what to say about this part. Syn actually gets to see more of Vivio's profession and she seems to be enjoying herself for the time being. Yet there is something about the whole atmosphere that makes me believe that it won't be continuously smooth sailing from now on. Nothing comes out of speculationg, so I can't wait to see the next part out.

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