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Originally Posted by Kai the Reaper View Post
Wouldn't that spiral into some weird Palpatine (Precia) = Luke (Fate's) Mother? Precia should be Padme. Then we can have JailXPrecia!

I always thought Hayate being far more suitable for Palpatine's role. Controlling the Republic (TSAB), issuing a clone (cyborg) army, all just to finish her evil mastermind plan of creating her Empire (Harem). Yet then we're left without Han Solo... Nevermind.

Precia=Padme works perfectly, since not only were both Jail and Precia responsible for creating Fate, but apparently before Alicia's death Precia wasn't the complete nutjob we all know and want to shove a scythe through.

I vote for Regius Gaiz as Palpatine. Not only was he (with the Council) behind the funding of Jail Scaglietti/Vader, but I believe the StrikerS-edition Jail was actually cloned at the behest of Gaiz and the Council, completing the metaphor for Palpatine seducing Anakin to the Dark Side...And if you ignore the Expanded Universe stuff, then Vader turning on Palpatine in Return of the Jedi parallels Jail turning Zest and Due loose on Gaiz, although from considerably less pleasant motives.
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