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Still don't forget that what she does is as NTR as it can get (in an anime that sex is non existent that is), and she should get as much bashing as possible no matter what her "Excuse" will be later.

First of all, let's stop being provocative and calling it "NTR". It's just an apparent betrayal in the game, where the reasons are not yet explained. There is no relationship angle in this; it's a tactical decision. Just because she supports "the enemy" in one fight doesn't mean she's cheating on her boyfriend. That's just a wholly stupid assumption. So no, it is not "as NTR as it can get", nor is it NTR at all. You (and others) are just abusing the term.

And that aside, I don't even know why this being discussed in this episode thread, given that it wasn't featured in this episode anyway.
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